How To Get The Best Customers

how to get the best customers ever

Want to get the best customers ever?


The other day I was on a bus heading from the airport to an amazing resort. There were 3 people in seats in front of my wife and I and we couldn’t help but overhear their conversation.

As they talked I started dissecting their conversation in my head.

One was employed by a coaching group and the other was part of the group that was getting coached.

For the purpose of keeping things simpler for this blog, we will call the coach, an employee. and the ones being coached, buyers.

As they talked I noticed a few things.

First they both really only wanted to talk about themselves.

One would ask a question that if you were listening to their tone and the way they asked the question you KNEW that really wanted to be asked the same question.

They really only asked it because they wanted to respond to it.

The buyer would ask them about their business and if they liked what they were doing.

The employee would respond with a haphazard kind of answer but never asked the same question in return.

After about 20 questions that the buyers asked the employee. Finally, the employee asked them one question.

The buy answered the question quickly and then never asked the employee the same question.

I know what are you thinking by now, Dan what the heck are you talking about? You lost me a whole ago. And I don’t see how this even matters to me or my business, or my employees.

Well, get this.

Every one of your employees including yourself is in the business of sales. 

You might not like it but it is 100% true. If you don’t sell, no one will. And everyone on your team needs to be selling their hearts out so that you can continue to grow.

So here is my main suggestion.

Teach your people to listen.

When a customer asks a question, there is a reason they asked that question.

The second time they hear the same or a similar question, have them write it down. Then turn it into a FAQ. The third time they hear the same question turn it into a blog or social media post or video.  Then if you continue to hear the same questions then you can answer the question nicely and also direct them to your library of FAQ.

Listening is more than just hearing what the other person says. It is taking what they say and dissecting it into usable material.

One of the biggest things that I do is ask questions.  I ask things all the time, and I encourage my guys and gals to do the same. 

So if you really want to sell to your customers you need to stop talking and listen to them.

All too often we ask a question that we already know the answer to, or we ask a question that we know the answer is what we want to hear.

When we do that we are not gaining anything, especially not new customers.

After all of that let’s talk about how to listen.

Clear your mind.

Get rid of distractions.

Be in the right state to truly listen. (it doesn’t work if you are in an extremely noisy environment, because you will be way too distracted.)

Open your ears and actually listen to what they say.

Ask the questions that no one else will.

If you do this the next time you talk to a client, or potential client you will be shocked at the results you get.

When they answer your question don’t be afraid to take notes. Then ask them follow-up questions on what you were just talking about.

Stop listening to talk, and start listening to listen.

Now get out there and start listening to your clients and potential client, and I guess if you have to listen to tot your spouse and kids too.  Lol.

Hope you guys have an amazing day

Keep the rubber side down!

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