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At Eclipse DOT, we’re dedicated to helping individuals achieve their income goals and attain financial freedom by guiding companies through the complexities of DOT compliance. As the foremost resource for serious businesses in the transportation industry, we empower them to establish thriving, sustainable, and profitable operations while maintaining adherence to state and federal regulations.

We offer unparalleled access to indispensable tools, comprehensive training, and invaluable information, equipping our clients for success within their industry. Our proven process takes them through the stages of Commitment, Implementation, Connection, Growth, and Evolution, underscoring our unwavering commitment to transforming lives and enabling our clients to make a positive impact on the world.

However, our dedication to making an impact doesn’t stop with our clients—it extends to our exceptional team as well.

  • Fast-paced, rapidly-growing company with unparalleled growth potential!
  • We are committed to personal and professional development… learn from the best and apply it to your life!
  • Travel with our team to fun and exciting locations like Cancun, Orlando, and San Diego and experience once-in-a-lifetime events!
  • A family-focused work environment that not only understands work-life balance but demands it!
  • ​Competitive pay and benefits!


We’re always on the lookout for talented, passionate, and driven individuals who aspire to make an impact as part of something greater than themselves—our team of DOT experts. If you’re ready to join our team of DOT experts, dedicated to transforming the industry, enter your information below to explore our current openings and be a part of our mission!


    Dan grew up in southwestern Colorado on a farm. While he was in high school he obtained his EMT certificate and started working for a local fire department.

    When Dan Greer founded Eclipse DOT, his unwavering mission was to make a significant impact by helping others navigate the complex world of DOT compliance. A recognized DOT expert, Dan identified a crucial knowledge gap in DOT awareness.

    He observed that many companies assumed they were compliant with state and federal regulations, yet often lacked crucial components in their DOT programs. With relentless dedication, Dan, a true DOT expert, devoted two years to working pro bono, establishing a renowned reputation.

    Today, Eclipse DOT, led by a team of dedicated DOT experts, collaborates with prominent contractors, small enterprises, and numerous owner-operators nationwide. Our expertise is evident through our board affiliations, including CVSA, TXTA, National Grange, and trucking associations across North America.

    Our unwavering goal is clear: to provide exceptional services, coaching, and advice. This commitment defines Dan Greer’s legacy and epitomizes Eclipse DOT’s mission. Join our team of DOT experts and be part of our transformative journey.


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