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Here at Eclipse DOT, it is our mission to take the COMPLEXITY out of COMPLIANCE!
We are proud to offer an in-house ELDT training solution that you can get on board with.  Bypass the waitlist for other training programs. Let us help you create your own ELDT training program TODAY!

build an ELDT solution that fits your specific needs

Our team works directly with you to customize a program that meets your needs whether you have one driver or an entire fleet.

After the course is designed and approved. The Eclipse DOT team takes time to get your instructors certified. So you can guarantee that your drivers are exceeding the ELDT standards.

What does this mean for you?

With this solution, you can train your drivers on the job, so you stop losing time and start improving your bottom line!

Get Full Access To Our Courses and Learning Material!

Don’t have the time or capacity to design an APPROVED and ACCREDITED course?  Don’t worry, we have the solution.

Eclipse DOT’s ELDT Provider Solution gives your team full access to its ready-made courses.

Our team works directly with your team to fine-tune the learning material specifically for your business and industry.

Get Your Employees Trained And On The
Road In Record Time

With the ELDT rule change we have all found it hard to stay in front of the driver demand. So, let's get your employees on the road quickly!!

TWO-year ELDT Instructor Certifications

With Eclipse DOT’s ELDT provider training solution, we give you everything you need to train your drivers in-house AND a two-year ELDT instructor certification! We put our decades of experience in DOT compliance and training to create a robust and fast training solution for  your business. 

Feel Confident Training Your TEAM In-House

Let Eclipse DOT help you design your ELDT course. Utilize a proven system and give your team the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to exceed the FMCSAs regulations and guidelines.

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