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At Eclipse DOT, we’re dedicated to helping your business thrive by providing exceptional CDL training and addressing the specific challenges you face in finding and retaining skilled drivers for your team. We understand that the success of companies that rely on trucks hinges on having a reliable and well-trained fleet of CDL drivers.


Looking to boost your efficiency and operations and get rapid CDL training?

Look no further! With our rapid CDL Training, we offer customized training programs for entry-level drivers, CDL training for individuals, and CDL training for businesses.

That’s right, we have THREE options for rapid CDL training and we guarantee that you’ll pass and get certified in no time.

Ready to accelerate your team’s performance on the road? Take the first step towards streamlined fleet training by choosing Eclipse DOT. With our comprehensive programs, experienced instructors, and flexible scheduling options, we make achieving driving excellence a reality. Don’t let training hurdles slow you down – hit the gas and rev up your training with Eclipse DOT today!


Did you know that an Entry Level Driver Training certification is now required before you’re able to get your CDL? Well, if you didn’t we’ve got some great news! We offer an accelerated ELDT training program designed to help you get your EDLT in as little as one day! We offer flexible training so that you’re ready to obtain your CDL and get on the road in no time.

Behind the Wheel Training (BTW)

Save money and time by customizing your BTW training to fit your unique business needs. We have flexible solutions for everyone, no matter what industry you’re in. There is no minimum hours! You’re training provider determines your driver proficiency.

Customize Your Training

Save $$$. Bring your own truck or rent one of our Class A or Class B trucks.

Pick your location. Choose to come to beautiful Durango, CO for your training or we can come to you!


We are your premier destination for business-centric CDL training that drives success. If you’re a business leader looking to elevate your team’s skills and efficiency, you’ve come to the right place. At Eclipse DOT, we understand the unique challenges businesses face in training their driving teams, and we’re here to provide tailored solutions that deliver results.

Key Benefits of Our CDL Training for Businesses

Rapid Training

Our accelerated program ensures that your team can be trained in as little as one day, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Whether you need to get new hires on the road quickly or refresh the skills of existing drivers, our fast-track training gets the job done efficiently.

Flexible Duration

With courses lasting up to 5 days, we can offer comprehensive one-on-one training that meets the unique needs of your team, regardless of experience level. Whether your drivers need a quick refresher or intensive training from scratch, our flexible duration ensures they receive the attention and instruction they deserve.

Customized Programs

We tailor our training programs to match your specific needs, utilizing your own vehicles for maximum relevance and effectiveness. Whether you operate hydrovacs, passenger buses, or other specialized vehicles, our customized programs ensure that your drivers are trained on the equipment they'll actually use on the job, increasing retention and effectiveness.

Vehicle Availability

Don't want to lose your vehicles for training? No problem. We offer the option to use our vehicles for training and testing for a small fee, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles is available for use during training, providing a convenient solution for businesses that can't afford to have their vehicles out of commission.

Real-World Experienced Instructors

Our instructors bring diverse real-world experience from various industries, offering practical insights and knowledge that directly apply to your team's work environment. From construction to transportation logistics, our instructors have hands-on experience in a variety of fields, ensuring that your drivers receive training that's relevant, practical, and grounded in real-world scenarios.

Comprehensive Safety Training

Safety is our top priority. Our training covers defensive driving techniques, emergency protocols, and more, ensuring that your drivers operate with the highest level of safety and professionalism. By instilling a culture of safety from day one, we help reduce accidents, injuries, and liabilities, protecting both your team and your bottom line.

Continuous Learning Opportunities

Our commitment to your team's success doesn't end with training. We offer continuous learning opportunities to keep your drivers ahead of industry trends and equipped with the latest skills and certifications. From advanced certifications to ongoing professional development, we empower your drivers to grow and adapt in a rapidly changing industry, ensuring that your business remains competitive and agile in the long run.

Ready to rev up your team’s training?
Sign up for our accelerated CDL training for businesses today.


Are you a driver ready to hit the road in no time? We’ve got you covered! If you already have your ELDT certification and are looking to explore career paths that require a CDL, our rapid CDL training program is for you!

Our rapid training program is custom designed to help you get on the road quicker and onto a bright career path in the world of trucking. 

Our program prioritizes practical skills, putting you behind the wheel to build confidence and competence swiftly. This means you’re not just trained; you’re ready to contribute to the world of commerce and drive for companies that require a CDL.

Our Rapid CDL Training Program Provides

Behind the Wheel Training

We put you in the driver’s seat and partnered with one of our expert CDL trainers to help you get trained and ready for the road.

Rapid CDL

Our rapid CDL program is designed to help you get your CDL in no time. We know that you’re ready to begin your journey on the road and there are THOUSANDS of companies that are hiring CDL drivers!

Expert Led Coaching

Our experts have real-world experience and have been training drivers for decades. Learn from the best when training for your CDL.

Ready to get started and get your CDL quickly? Sign up today!



Supercharge Your Career with a DOT Certification: The Ultimate Digital DOT Credential

Elevate your DOT and leadership skills with Eclipse DOT’s certification program. This credential will supercharge your career and give you the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in the fast-paced world of DOT and fleet management. With a DOT certification, you’ll be able to confidently create and execute effective fleet amd DOT strategies that will help you stand out from the competition and drive real results for your business. Get certified today and start your journey toward becoming a DOT superstar.


We offer courses to help you get further in your DOT career.

Our courses are designed to help you elevate your career path and take it to the next level. 

Here’s What We Currently Offer:

Ready to get started with our in-person training? Prices vary, so please reach out to us for pricing on any of our courses.