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Transform your CDL training with our streamlined program designed for rapid certification and compliance across states.

Welcome to AcceleRaptor CDL: Where Efficiency Meets Excellence

At Eclipse DOT, we’re dedicated to transforming CDL training with AcceleRaptor CDL—a revolutionary program engineered to help you swiftly master Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) skills. Designed for efficiency without sacrificing depth, AcceleRaptor CDL enables you to achieve ELDT certification in just 8 hours, tailored to meet state-specific requirements where necessary.

Our streamlined curriculum isn’t just about speed; it’s about ensuring you grasp every essential aspect of CDL training with clarity and confidence. Whether you’re a new driver stepping into the industry or an experienced professional aiming to enhance your teaching capabilities, AcceleRaptor CDL equips you to excel.

Join the ranks of drivers and instructors who’ve elevated their careers with AcceleRaptor CDL. Discover how Eclipse DOT is setting new standards in CDL training, empowering you to roar ahead in your journey toward excellence on the road.

Benefits of AcceleRaptor CDL


AcceleRaptor CDL redefines CDL training with an unprecedented timeline of just 8 hours for ELDT certification. This swift process allows you to fast-track your career and begin teaching sooner than ever before, giving you a competitive advantage in the industry.


Our program is meticulously tailored to meet the diverse and stringent regulations of each state. From specialized modules to state-specific add-ons, AcceleRaptor CDL ensures you’re fully compliant and equipped to teach effectively across the entire United States.


Experience a curriculum designed for maximum efficiency without compromising on depth. Each lesson is structured to deliver comprehensive CDL training efficiently, optimizing your learning journey and empowering you to apply your knowledge immediately.

Quality Assurance

Developed by industry experts at Eclipse DOT, AcceleRaptor CDL guarantees exceptional quality and relevance. Benefit from decades of experience in transportation and DOT compliance, ensuring you receive top-tier education that meets industry standards and exceeds expectations.

Career Advancement

Join a community of forward-thinking instructors and drivers who trust AcceleRaptor CDL to advance their careers. Whether you’re entering the industry or seeking to enhance your teaching skills, our program equips you with the expertise and credentials needed to succeed.
AcceleRaptor CDL stands as the pinnacle of CDL training, combining speed, compliance, efficiency, and quality assurance to elevate your career in the CDL industry. Discover why professionals nationwide choose AcceleRaptor CDL to accelerate their success.

Features of AcceleRaptor CDL

Comprehensive Training

AcceleRaptor CDL ensures mastery of the entire ELDT program with a comprehensive curriculum designed for thorough understanding and practical application. From basic maneuvers to advanced safety protocols, our program covers every aspect essential for effective CDL instruction.

State-Specific Add-ons

Tailored to meet diverse state regulations, AcceleRaptor CDL includes specialized modules that address regional requirements and driving conditions. Whether it's endorsements for hazardous materials or specific road laws, our program equips you with the knowledge needed to navigate local nuances confidently.

Interactive Learning Tools

Engage with cutting-edge learning resources that enhance comprehension and retention. Our interactive simulations, virtual scenarios, and multimedia content provide immersive learning experiences, preparing you to deliver impactful and engaging training sessions.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of industry professionals at Eclipse DOT who are committed to your success. Receive personalized guidance, mentorship, and ongoing support to stay informed about industry trends, regulatory updates, and best practices in CDL training.

Certification Assurance

AcceleRaptor CDL guarantees certification that meets or exceeds industry standards. Earn credentials recognized nationwide, validating your expertise and credibility as a certified CDL instructor. Our rigorous quality assurance ensures that every participant receives top-tier education and certification.
Discover why AcceleRaptor CDL is the preferred choice for CDL professionals seeking robust, state-specific, and effective training solutions that elevate careers and set new standards in the industry.


"Certified CDL Instructor Durango, Colorado"

"AcceleRaptor CDL transformed my career. The program's speed and efficiency allowed me to obtain ELDT certification quickly and start teaching sooner. It's definitely the best investment I've made in my professional development."

Travis Schmitt

"CDL Training Specialist Austin, Texas "

"As a seasoned CDL instructor, I can confidently say that AcceleRaptor CDL sets a new standard in CDL training. The state-specific modules were incredibly useful, and the interactive learning tools made the entire process engaging and effective."

Sarah Johnson

"Experienced Driver and Instructor Minneapolis, Minnesota"

"I was impressed by how well AcceleRaptor CDL prepared me for teaching CDL students. The curriculum was thorough, covering all necessary topics, and the support from Eclipse DOT was exceptional. Highly recommend!"

Michael Davis

"New CDL Instructor Atlanta, Georgia"

"AcceleRaptor CDL's certification not only met but exceeded my expectations. The program's focus on compliance and efficiency is unmatched. It's truly the best choice for anyone serious about advancing their career in the CDL industry."

Emily Roberts

"Veteran Truck Driver Phoenix, Arizona"

"I couldn't be happier with AcceleRaptor CDL. The program's commitment to quality and its streamlined approach saved me valuable time without compromising on the depth of learning. It's a game-changer in CDL education."

David Thompson

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AcceleRaptor CDL?

AcceleRaptor CDL is an innovative CDL training program designed to expedite the process of obtaining Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) certification. It condenses essential CDL training into an efficient curriculum, allowing participants to become certified instructors in as little as 8 hours, depending on state-specific requirements.

How long does it take to complete AcceleRaptor CDL?

You can complete AcceleRaptor CDL and obtain ELDT certification in just 8 hours, provided all state-specific requirements are met. This streamlined timeline is designed to fit into busy schedules without compromising the quality or depth of CDL training.

Who can benefit from AcceleRaptor CDL?

AcceleRaptor CDL is beneficial for individuals aspiring to become certified CDL instructors quickly and efficiently. It’s also ideal for experienced drivers looking to expand their career opportunities by gaining teaching credentials in the transportation industry.

Is AcceleRaptor CDL compliant with state regulations?

Yes, AcceleRaptor CDL includes state-specific add-ons and modules to ensure compliance with varying regulations across the United States. These tailored components address regional driving laws, endorsements, and specific training requirements mandated by different states.

What topics does AcceleRaptor CDL cover?

AcceleRaptor CDL covers a comprehensive range of topics critical to CDL training, including vehicle inspection, basic maneuvers, safe driving practices, hazardous materials handling, and more. The curriculum is designed to equip instructors with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively teach aspiring CDL holders.

How does AcceleRaptor CDL compare to traditional CDL training programs?

AcceleRaptor CDL offers a faster pathway to certification compared to traditional CDL training programs. While traditional programs may span weeks or months, AcceleRaptor CDL condenses essential learning into a concise format without compromising educational rigor or regulatory compliance.

Can I teach CDL students immediately after completing AcceleRaptor CDL

Yes, upon completing AcceleRaptor CDL and obtaining ELDT certification, you are eligible to start teaching CDL students immediately. The program is designed to equip you with the necessary credentials and skills to conduct effective CDL training sessions right away.

Are there interactive elements in AcceleRaptor CDL?

AcceleRaptor CDL incorporates interactive learning tools such as simulations, virtual scenarios, and multimedia content. These elements enhance engagement and facilitate hands-on learning experiences, ensuring participants grasp complex concepts and practical skills effectively.

Who developed AcceleRaptor CDL?

AcceleRaptor CDL was developed by transportation industry experts at Eclipse DOT. With decades of experience in DOT compliance and CDL training, our team has crafted a program that meets the highest standards of quality and relevance in the field.

Is AcceleRaptor CDL recognized nationwide?

Yes, AcceleRaptor CDL provides certification that meets or exceeds industry standards and is recognized across the United States. Our program ensures participants receive credentials that are respected within the transportation industry, enhancing career prospects and credibility as CDL instructors.

How can I enroll in AcceleRaptor CDL?

Enrolling in AcceleRaptor CDL is straightforward. Simply visit our website, navigate to the enrollment section, and follow the prompts to register. Our enrollment process is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to get started quickly on your CDL training journey.

What support is available during AcceleRaptor CDL training?

Participants in AcceleRaptor CDL receive comprehensive support throughout their training experience. Our team of experts is available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer assistance to ensure your success in obtaining ELDT certification.

Will I have to do continuing education classes to be able to train drivers in the future?
No, continuing education classes are not required. However, we will be offering a refresher class every couple of years to cover any changes to the testing process nationwide. As a tester for over 13 years, I found that changes occur every 2-3 years, so we want to ensure everyone is updated and training their people to pass the test on the first try! Availability of Additional Classes
Is this the only class like this that you are offering? If there are other dates, please send them.
While we are working on booking more course locations for our ELDT Bootcamp, we cannot guarantee where or when they will be held or what the costs will be for each session. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your training skills—secure your spot in the current class now! Time Commitment for Training Drivers
How much time will I need to spend with new drivers to train them? Is the classroom instruction primarily them working independently, or do I need to present for the entire course?
Our Rapid ELDT program maximizes hands-on learning in the field, eliminating the need for traditional classroom time. Drivers engage better with practical experience. The total time spent on backing (BTW Range) and Theory is about 1-2 days. We also offer a Permit Prep class before drivers take their CDL Permit test, which can serve as their ELDT Theory. Our flexible approach includes on-demand courses and in-person Permit Prep classes, ensuring regulatory compliance and driver success. Driving Time Requirements for Trainers  
Can I access AcceleRaptor CDL from anywhere?

Yes, AcceleRaptor CDL is accessible online, enabling you to complete the training from any location with internet access. Whether you’re at home, work, or on the go, you can participate in our program at your convenience.

Is there a refund policy for AcceleRaptor CDL?

We understand that circumstances may change. Please refer to our website or contact our customer support team to inquire about our refund policy for AcceleRaptor CDL. We strive to provide transparency and flexibility to our participants.

Can I retake modules or quizzes in AcceleRaptor CDL?

Yes, participants have the opportunity to revisit modules and retake quizzes within AcceleRaptor CDL. This feature allows you to reinforce your understanding of key concepts and improve your performance as you progress through the program.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in AcceleRaptor CDL?

There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in AcceleRaptor CDL. However, a basic understanding of CDL requirements and a commitment to learning are beneficial for maximizing your experience and success in the program.

Is financial aid available for AcceleRaptor CDL?

We offer various financial aid options to assist participants in funding their CDL training through AcceleRaptor CDL. Please contact our enrollment advisors to explore available opportunities and determine the best financial support for your needs.

How often is AcceleRaptor CDL updated?

AcceleRaptor CDL undergoes regular updates to reflect industry changes, regulatory updates, and advancements in CDL training practices. Our commitment to staying current ensures that participants receive relevant and up-to-date training materials and information.

Can employers sponsor employees for AcceleRaptor CDL?

Yes, employers can sponsor employees for AcceleRaptor CDL to enhance their skills and qualifications as CDL instructors. Sponsoring employees demonstrates a commitment to professional development and strengthens workforce capabilities within the transportation industry.

Does AcceleRaptor CDL offer job placement assistance?

While AcceleRaptor CDL focuses on providing certification and training, Eclipse DOT offers resources and guidance to support participants in pursuing career opportunities within the CDL industry. Our team can provide information on job prospects, networking opportunities, and career advancement strategies.

Is AcceleRaptor CDL suitable for veterans?

Yes, AcceleRaptor CDL welcomes veterans and recognizes the valuable skills and experiences they bring to CDL training. We offer specialized support and resources tailored to veterans, helping them transition into rewarding careers as CDL instructors.

Can I teach specialized CDL endorsements with AcceleRaptor CDL?

AcceleRaptor CDL covers essential CDL training topics required for certification. Participants may pursue additional endorsements or specialties as required by state regulations or personal career goals. Our program equips you with foundational knowledge and skills applicable to various CDL endorsements.

How secure is my personal information during AcceleRaptor CDL enrollment?

 We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your personal information during the AcceleRaptor CDL enrollment process. Our systems adhere to industry standards for data protection, ensuring your information is safe and secure throughout the registration and training process.

Is there a community or forum for AcceleRaptor CDL participants?

Yes, AcceleRaptor CDL participants have access to a dedicated community or forum where they can connect with peers, share insights, and engage in discussions related to CDL training and certification. This platform fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants.

Do I have to personally drive with the trainees the entire time, or can it be a mix of me driving with them and having another CDL driver drive with them?
You don’t need to personally drive with the trainees the whole time. Your main responsibility is to verify their driving proficiency. We will help you develop a standardized Road Route that takes about 20-40 minutes for each driver. We recommend utilizing “Mentors” within your company to drive with them before starting the ELDT training. This collaborative approach ensures efficient and effective driver training. Training Requirements Based On Class Of License
Does all training have to be in a Class A truck if they are going for their Class A license? Is it easier to start with a Class B truck and then move up?
Training does not have to occur solely in the class of truck they are aiming to get their CDL for. Starting in a Class B truck is perfectly acceptable and often reduces stress for the trainee. This method allows for a smoother transition to mastering a Class A truck, aligning with our strategy to facilitate easier and more effective driver training. Skills Test Locations  
Is there a closer location for the skills test? The current options involve long round trips.
We can assist you in finding a testing unit as close to your location as possible. With access to every testing unit in Colorado and partnerships with testing units nationwide, we can locate a nearby facility regardless of your state. Streamline your testing process with our extensive network of testing units  
Empower your drivers by having one your trainers attend our comprehensive ELDT Bootcamp! It doesn’t matter what state you are in, our flexible training solutions, expert guidance, and nationwide support ensure your drivers are well-prepared and compliant with all regulations. Secure your spot in our upcoming class!
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"Western Utility Services"
Denver, CO

"AcceleRaptor CDL transformed my career. The program's speed and efficiency allowed me to obtain ELDT certification quickly and start teaching sooner. It's definitely the best investment I've made in my professional development."

Jeff Baughman Safety Director

"City of Houston Public Works"
Houston, TX

""Integrating AcceleRaptor CDL into our training program has streamlined our city's workforce development. It's reliable and essential for maintaining our service standards."

Sarah Johnson Training Manager

"Big Energy Cooperative"
Atlanta, GA

"AcceleRaptor CDL has been instrumental in our electrical cooperative's training initiatives. It ensures our linemen are well-prepared and compliant with industry standards."

Michael Reynolds Fleet Operations Manager

"Farmer's Cooperative Association"
Chicago, IL

"Using AcceleRaptor CDL has enhanced our agricultural cooperative's training efforts. It's efficient and tailored perfectly to meet the unique needs of our farm operators."

Russell Gadner Training Coordinator

"Dailey CDL Solutions"
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"AcceleRaptor CDL is our go-to solution for CDL training. It's comprehensive and user-friendly, ensuring our drivers receive top-notch education."

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