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"Eclipse DOT was awesome on my DOT safety audit. They were very helpful in orchestrating all the paperwork I needed for the audit as well as directing me on the missing items. It's awesome when they have everything on file for a seamless transition. The Colorado State DOT officer was happy with the speed and quality of the audit."

Dusty Neil
Dusty's Dirtworks LLC.

"Eclipse DOT has really helped our company on many levels. They have become a one-stop shop for many of our needs: compliance, forklift certifications, CDL testing, special classes and training, and more. The friendly and professional staff develop a close personal relationship with their clients. They use these relationships to gain an understanding of their clients' business and then offer great ideas that have become an unforeseen benefit of working with them. For instance, Dan will often stop by our shop just to check in, or have a meeting with us to discuss ideas, maybe even unrelated to anything we expected. There is never a time when calls or emails are not answered in a timely manner, even during the changes caused by COVID-19. It really is hard to overstate the value they bring to our business. With their very competitive price structure, the value for service is, in my opinion, unbeatable. I see Eclipse DOT as a business partner, one that looks out for and helps us increase efficiency, reduce costs, and overall run a tighter operation. I would encourage anyone in need of the services they offer to try Eclipse DOT first."

Ryan Malarsie
Durango CO

"We hired Eclipse DOT to help us with our DOT and Safety. They were one of the best investments we could have made for our company. They not only helped us navigate COVID-19, but we also prospered. Our employees love their quarterly training. Eclipse DOT actually cares about our company! Thanks, Eclipse."

Don Dukart
Durango CO

"We recently hired Eclipse DOT to help us get our DOT program back on track. Who knew there was so much to DOT? They stepped in and got us back on track in no time at all. We now use them for so much more than just DOT. Love working with their team."

Mike Anderson
Durango CO

"Eclipse DOT has the best in-person seminars that I have attended in a long time. They take extremely dry material and make it interesting. They were also able to make DOT understandable, breaking it down to where I could understand it."

Alex Montego
Montrose CO

"Eclipse DOT is by far the best safety company that we have ever found. It took our leadership several months to pull the trigger. The best thing was Eclipse didn't push and push; they understood that it takes larger companies time to make decisions. Every time I called, they patiently helped me through the situation."

Roy Gomez
Cortez CO

"Their 'no pressure' sales approach is one of the best things about Eclipse DOT."

Derek Schneider
Hersey PA

"The whole team at Eclipse DOT is extremely knowledgeable. I also love that when they don't know the answer, they don't lie to me. They are upfront and honest and say, 'I'm not sure, let me check, and I'll get back to you.' Then they actually get back to me. It has always been the same day!"

Bill Smith
San Diego CA

"What I loved most about our free audit was that they didn't make me feel like our program was crap. They sat down with us and talked about how we could improve our program."

Dale Grover
Denver, CO

"Have questions about DOT? Call Dan at Eclipse; that guy knows what he is doing!"

Eric Ellison
Midland, TX

"Eclipse DOT helped make the decision to apportion our trucks and saved our company thousands every year on permits."

Dusty Neil
Fort Collins, CO

"Check this guy out. Smartest DOT guy I know. His company is Eclipse DOT."

Matt Ahlbrandt
Raleigh, NC

"Love the positivity and content you post on this platform, Dan. Well done! I wish leaders with higher power/ability would actually adopt this mindset."

Colten Williams
Weatherford, TX

"I heard it was a great group of people. Our team is proud to work with you!"

Adam Hirschberg
Durango, CO