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Doing what’s best for your customers, not your business

Business owner prioritizes customer satisfaction and needs.

Doing what’s best for your customers, not your business

Success is not determined by the amount of money you earn but rather by the quality of work you deliver to others.

“As you are serving a customer, not a life sentence, learn how to enjoy your work.” Laurie McIntosh

That’s the reality.

In my career and across all our ventures, certain principles have remained steadfast. One is our commitment to providing customers with not just what they want but what they truly need. Another guiding principle is to always prioritize what is best for the customer.

Let’s dissect those principles a bit and simplify them for better understanding.

We provide customers with what they need, not necessarily what they want. While it may sound simple, anyone who has dealt with customers or employees understands that fulfilling wants and needs can be distinctly different tasks.

Prioritize the customer’s best interests.

Now, let’s discuss consistently doing what’s best for the customer. I once had a salesperson who sold a customer something they didn’t need.

A while into the contract, the customer contacted us, saying, “I’m uncertain if we’re receiving what we truly need!” As a business owner, these are words you never want to hear, as it can lead to them sharing their concerns with friends and potential clients, potentially tarnishing our reputation.

Having a moral compass is incredibly significant!

We ensure that our faith in God guides every action we take. Whether you refer to Him as the big guy, the kahuna, or the leader of the world, God serves as the ultimate moral compass. As a Christian-based business, we believe it’s crucial to keep God at the core of everything we do.

Ensure that you’re aligning everything you do with the guidance of the higher power.

Consistently prioritizing what’s best for the customer, even if it poses a challenge to our business, won’t always be straightforward. There will be occasions when making tough decisions on how to handle a situation becomes necessary.

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