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Category: Leadership

Exploring the factors that shape personal identity.

What Shapes Your Identity

WHAT SHAPES YOUR IDENTITY Identity-transforming life moments Today, I want to talk about a couple of “firsts” in my life because these experiences played a

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Trusting God - Embracing Faith and Surrendering to Divine Guidance

Trusting God

Trusting God Trusting in God can be a challenging journey. Is it? I struggle with that every day. I encounter multiple failures daily if we’re

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Building trust as a leader is the key to success in leadership.

Trust as a leader

TRUST AS A LEADER  I grew up hearing that trust isn’t given; it’s earned. While I agree with that, I also disagree with it. I

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Effective training tips for success in your endeavors.

Training Tips

TRAINING TIPS Here are some powerful ways to make training work well: Hey there, fellow trainers! Ready to supercharge your training skills? Let’s talk about

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