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You have to stand up to run.

You Have To Stand Up To Run

Embracing Change and Productivity: Moving at Your Own Pace The pace of life has been changing rapidly lately, and it’s both terrifying and incredibly exciting.

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Giving back

Giving Back

Giving Back One of my newest favorite quotes is “when life gets better don’t raise your standard of living raise your standard of giving.” Too

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Roadside inspection

Roadside Inspections

Roadside Inspections The Road to Success and the Road to failure are almost exactly the same -Colin R. Davis Sometime in June, the annual Commercial

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Today I want to take a second to wish everyone reading this a Merry Christmas. Christmas is a special time of year, where

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Do I need A CDL

Do I need A CDL When I first went to work for a rather large company I had a guy come up to me and

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Take care of yourself!

Take care of yourself! Peak Performance Health Tips In addition, before I ventured out on my own, just God and I in the business, performance

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