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Picture this: I was thrust into the world of DOT compliance with a company that had nothing in place—not even a driver application that met Federal requirements (FMCSA). We were audited, and the auditors warned of revoking our operating authority within 90 days if we didn’t improve. To make matters more challenging, I only became the DOT manager 45 days after the audit, having previously been a trainer.

Despite the daunting workload and stress, I set a goal to achieve 100% compliance on driver files by January 1st, despite starting in June. I built a DOT program from scratch for our sizable company of 1800 employees and 1200 drivers. It was far from easy and filled with setbacks, but I persevered, continuously refining the program.

Surpassing my target ahead of schedule in October, I continued to fine-tune the DOT program. After 2.5 years, our company got acquired, and I was entrusted with managing DOT for five out of six companies, adding another 900 drivers to my responsibility. This time, I knew how to swiftly bring them into compliance thanks to a proven framework.

Three years later, I took the leap and started my own business, Eclipse DOT.

Recognizing the need for a simplified DOT compliance solution, I created DOT Docs at

DOT Docs is like the Turbo Tax of DOT Compliance—user-friendly for individuals and robust enough to handle multiple companies, divisions, and terminals.

If you’re skeptical, we’re happy to provide a demo. If you prefer a DIY approach, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial on our website.

Leveraging my experience and frameworks, along with valuable input from industry experts, we built DOT Docs. It’s the first-ever all-in-one DOT compliance solution designed by the industry, for the industry.

What’s more, our team assisted over 56 companies with audits last year, and none of them faced fines. That’s the real-world proof of DOT Docs’ effectiveness.

Click here to dive deeper at and drive your knowledge to new heights!

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