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Hey, guess what? In the last 3–4 years, I’ve been pumping out blogs and devotionals for God First, www.GodFirstLifeNex, and get this—I’ve written over 1000 pages of content! Pretty wild, right?

Can you believe it? It’s like crazy, right?! Back in school, teachers probably thought I’d never touch another paper after graduation. But look at me now, putting out 10–15 pages of content every single week!

Alright, here’s the deal. Sometimes, I get super tired and wonder if all this effort is worth it. However, just when I’m feeling down, an incredible individual approaches me and exclaims, “Hey, your efforts are truly remarkable! Please don’t stop; you’re changing lives!”

And just like that, I’m pumped up and ready to keep going!

So, the other day, I was pondering all the stuff I’m juggling right now. Just to give you a peek, here’s a taste (but trust me, I know I’m not as busy as many others!).

We’re gearing up for the big launch of our software at It’s all about simplifying compliance for companies using trucks. Exciting times ahead!

Seriously, you’ve got to check it out! Additionally, if you know anyone who operates a truck-based business, please inform them about this as well. Can you believe it? A regular truck driver like me is designing and building a software platform that’s actually helping tons of people?! Crazy, right?!

Exciting news! We’re expanding our team at Eclipse DOT, and guess what? We’re gearing up for a huge live event this fall, aiming to bring around 500 awesome people together.

Details are in the works, so stay tuned for more info!

Furthermore, I am currently generating a surplus of high-quality devotionals, blogs, social media posts, and weekly emails that I distribute to the Eclipse DOT community.

Guess what? We’re on fire! We send out a cool newsletter every single week. And get this: we’re thinking about launching a monthly magazine, just for folks in the trucking industry who’ve been in my shoes when I worked for Crossfire!

How awesome would that be?!

Big news! I’ve officially filed for a trademark for DOT Docs, and I’m super excited about it!

Guess what? We’re still in the game with CDL testing and training, and we’re on the lookout to expand that team.

Hold on, there’s more! Brace yourself for online training courses in the works, soon to be available on It’s all happening!

Hold on tight! If things go smoothly, we’ll probably need to put together a team to whip up awesome content for our customers.

And guess what’s been on my plate lately? Advertising—it’s both amazing and a bit nerve-wracking! It’s a real challenge to dip into your own wallet to see if you can catch anyone’s attention. Exciting and a little scary, all rolled into one!

Wow, it’s pretty incredible when your work not only attracts attention but also motivates individuals to click on your advertisements and subscribe. And the fun doesn’t stop there; I tinker with the landing pages (websites) daily, figuring out ways to boost interaction.

Lately, it feels like I’m constantly checking how many eyeballs saw the ad, how many clicked on it, and then, in the grand finale, how many folks signed up to snag what I was selling. It’s a bit like a digital adventure every day!

And if the ad isn’t getting enough clicks, I dive into tweaking it. Once I’ve got that sorted, I switch gears and start playing around with the website to figure out how to get more folks signing up or buying what I’m offering.

Now, if it’s an online class, the game changes. I’ve got to figure out how to get more people to show up. And if a bunch do show up, the puzzle becomes getting them to buy into what I’m offering at the end.

Some folks might look at this whole process and go, “Whoa, you’re really keeping busy!”


By now, you know me well enough not to say I’m busy. “Busy” is a four-letter word, and I try my best to steer clear of those!

I see it as a chance to learn something new every single day!!! And let me tell you, I love learning!!!!

So, the other day, someone on my team was feeling frustrated and said, “Dan, I really hate this. It feels like everything I do just fails big time! Why don’t you just handle it? You’re going to change it anyway!”

That’s when I told them, “Sure, it might seem like a flop, but honestly, it’s not a flop. It’s just the start. Nothing amazing happens perfectly the first time. And if it does, it’s probably a fluke! Lol.”

We’ve got to learn to enjoy the whole journey, not just the destination.

I understand; this one is a bit like trying to catch squirrels in a park—varied and devoid of a distinct conclusion.

Welcome to the inside of Dan’s head! It is a quaint setting that is intermittently a little wild, but hey, it’s a blast! Boredom has no chance!

Let’s wrap it up with this: When things start to get overwhelming, just hit pause and take a look around.

Observe the grass—or rather, the remnants of grass that remain in my yard (grass seed appears to be considered a gourmet meal by the chickens, lol).

Take a deep breath and feel the pure air.

Please obtain a sip of water from the hose or the ditch, which is not acceptable at my residence (lol). Feel the smoothness; notice how it dances on your tongue and cheeks.

Gaze at the sky and soak in the vastness, whether you’re in the city or out in the country. See how incredible and expansive it looks.

Now, put your hand on your chest and feel your heart thumping away. Your ribs, muscles, and then a layer of skin guard it.

Take a moment to chill after doing any of those things.

The sky and your beating heart were crafted in less than 7 days.

I apologize for my irrationality, but if this extraordinary being is capable of creating everything and navigating the wild ride inside all of our heads, then have faith that it can also assist you with whatever challenges you are currently experiencing.

Believe in the creator!

Know that he’s on your team!

Have faith that he’s got your back and is working to bring you the best!

Trust that he wants your happiness, health, and success in everything!

Rest assured, we will take care of you!

So, drop the “busy” talk and start saying, “I am blessed!”

Never let “busy” be your word again!

When someone asks how you are, say it with conviction: “Amazing,” “Outstanding,” “Blessed,” or “GREAT!”

You’re not busy; you’re blessed!

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