You want to cross state lines with your CDL truck?

You want to cross state lines with your CDL truck?

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So you want to cross state lines with your CDL truck, there are a few things that you need to know before you do it.

The first thing is to make sure your DOT number is set up as INTERstate and not INTRAstate.

If it is set up for INTRAstate then all you have to do is use your DOT number, DOT Pin number, and FEIN you can update your MCS150 online here (

The next thing to check for is if you have filed your UCR (Unified Carrier Registration.  You can check that at

UCR is good for this year. It always expires 12/31 no matter when you buy it.  And it always costs the same.

Now that you are set up for INTERstate commerce and have your UCR filed for this year. The next step is to decide if you need to get IRP (International Registry Plan) plates for your truck and IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement)

Some key questions to consider are

  1. Is your GCWR (gross Combined Weight Rating over 26k lbs
  2. How often will you cross state lines or operate out of the state where your truck is registered?

If you don’t feel that it’s in your best interest to get IRP and IFTA don’t stress you can still get trip and fuel permits for your truck so you can cross state lines.

If you are crossing into Kentucky, New Mexico, or New York you also need to get weight distance permits for those states on top of IRP and IFTA.

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