DOT can be pretty brutal and intimidating & you might be wondering what compliance looks like in the trucking industry. 

Here are just a few of the main categories that are included in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, FMCSR’s

Vehicle Maintenance, General Requirements, Hours of Service, & Driver Qualification files

And just to dive a little deeper into Driver Qualification files, the driver app alone is required to hit more than 20 items and can be longer than 10 pages.

As you can see compliance gets a little confusing. And that’s why we are here!

In 2020 our Industry reached 791 billion in annual revenue.

In the United States alone there are over 1.7 million carriers, 8.1 million commercial drivers, & 7.3 million commercial vehicles.

That’s a TON of drivers and trucks.  If you do the math, it means that over 13% of all vehicles on the road are commercial.

It’s no surprise that in 2017 the FMCSA, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued over $39.9 million in fines and penalties to companies that operate Commercial motor vehicles across the US.

These are not operating costs; they are just fines and penalties.

Can you say OUCH!


Our purpose is to provide simple innovative solutions that help companies avoid unnecessary costs.

And that’s why we are launching our new software DOT Docs across the nation this month. 

With this simple easy to use program your whole team can and will be in compliance with very little effort. 

Our program walks you through every step of driver compliance and we currently building upgrades to help you with all the other areas of compliance you NEED to know.

With this tool, it takes the need to have an in-house expert out of the equation to run a successful transportation company.

One of the best things about our platform is the FACT that we are continuing to build it.

Why is that so GREAT. Because that means that you can have REAL input on what needs to be in our upcoming releases!

One of the features of our current release is our automated driver app. 

Let’s say that Joe comes in, how long does it take him now to complete his driver app, correctly? Maybe 30 min, if he’s had a lot of a job maybe an hour. 

Then if you have someone audit his application how many times does it get kicked back to you? You can figure at least 30 min to an hour to get it corrected for every time it’s kicked back.

Our platform gets rid of the kickbacks, by having the driver complete the driver app digitally. 

Then on top of that, it won’t allow the driver to make mistakes.

Just one example is when an employee has gaps in their employment.  What I mean by won’t allow. Is that after the driver is done completing their work history. Our program analyzes the information and the next screen the driver sees is one pointing out the gaps and asking them simple questions.

Does it look like there is a gap between 10/2020 and 12/2020 what were you doing? And it gives them several options. Like unemployed, or working, or going to school.  Let’s say they select a school. Then asks them another simple question, “did you get your CDL while in school?”

If they answer yes, then it prompts them to complete it like an employer so that the program can automatically send off the background consent.

See what I mean by it won’t allow the driver to make mistakes on their documents!

Exciting isn’t it.

Want to know the best part?

We have made this so affordable that any company can afford to use it.

We charge a simple flat rate per driver and there is no onboarding fee per driver.

If you were using someone else to help with your compliance you might have been paying $8 per driver per month, then paying an extra $35 every time you onboarded a new driver, and paying an extra $25 for EACH background investigation, then paying …..

With our program, it’s all automated so there’s no need to pay a driver onboarding fee or to pay extra for the background checks to be sent out.

The only extra fees you would have are the clearinghouse fee to the government $1.25 at the time we wrote this, and the cost of an MVR. (don’t tell anyone but phase 2 is going to include constant MVR monitoring!)

If we can help a company with over 400 drivers go from under 10% compliant to over 95% compliant in less than 35 days, just think about how we can help your company! 

Think about how much better you’ll sleep at night knowing that your compliance is handled!

Don’t wait to check it out www.DOTdocs.com

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