Who needs to worry about Hours of Service?

Who needs to worry about Hours of Service?

Everyone is diffrent this is how we did it for over 5 years!

7.9.21 Who needs to worry about Hours of Service?

In another blog we gave you the quick and easy bullet points of HOS.

This is where we get to dive deeper into HOS so you can have a better understanding of what it is, who needs it and why it’s so important that you know

The city and State are sufficient.

  • Your signature.

You should certify that all of your entries are true and correct by signing your log with your legal name or name of record.

  • Name of co-driver.

You should write down the name of your co-driver, if you have one.

  • Time Zone base to be used.

You should use the time zone in effect at your home terminal. 

Even if you cross other time zones, record time as it is at your terminal.

  • Remarks. 

This is the area where you should list the city, town, or village, and State abbreviation when a change of duty status occurs.

You should also explain any unusual circumstances or log entries that may be unclear when reviewed later, such as encountering adverse driving conditions.

You need to add and write down the total hours for each

The total of the entries need to equal 24 hours (unless you are using one page to reflect several consecutive days off duty).

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