When things get tough, don’t give up

When things get tough, don’t give up

It seems that God allows us to endure through mistakes and tough times for a reason – to learn and grow.

Recently, Jenna and I had a heated discussion. Emotions ran high, but we handle them differently. She takes time to cool down while I try to fix things quickly. This mismatch in timing often leads to further tension.

This has been our pattern for the 18+ years we’ve been together. At our wedding shower, an older lady, Marry Dossey, gave us invaluable advice. She said, “Sometimes you need to cool down before you can start to fix the issue.” She was right. We’re all different, and sometimes we need time.

Imagine it like repairing an engine. You can’t fix it until it’s shut down and cooled. Rushing in can lead to burns. The process involves shutting down, cooling, then careful repair.

After any repair, we must start slowly. Just like an engine, our relationships need a gradual restart. With effort, they can run even better than before.

Most relationships, businesses, and even faith journeys fail because someone decided to give up when things got tough. The only exception is with God. He never gives up on us.

Time to Take Action:

  1. Think of a relationship that needs mending.
  2. Say a prayer for guidance and the right words.
  3. Contact them – don’t hesitate.

Remember Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

A Little More:

In the midst of writing this, Jenna and I were in a heated discussion. Writing this allowed me to see the value in the experience. If not for that, I wouldn’t have written this and shared it.

We made a commitment that no matter what, we’d always be together. Divorce wasn’t an option for us. It’s a hard decision that affects everyone around.

A Story:

Once, on a family trip, we lost a camera with cherished pictures. Instead of getting mad, we retraced our steps. Though the camera was gone, Jenna’s stepmom sent us an SD card filled with family photos, teaching us that even in loss, God can provide.

In the end, we returned to the redwoods, our hearts full of gratitude.

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