Trust as a leader

I grew up hearing the trust isn’t given it’s earned.

While I agree with that, I also disagree with it.

I agree with the premise that trust can be lost extremely easily. all it takes is one mistake and all the trust you earn is lost.

The reason I disagree with it is that we have to have some trust to survive. I trust it when I go to the store I’m not going to get shot at. I trust it when I get in my car brakes are going to work.  I trust a bit when I go to work in the morning my teammates are going to be there to help me and we’re going to work together to accomplish the project.

You see trust is one of the most important things that you can have in life and it’s not always learning sometimes you have to give it.

As a leader, trust is extremely important.

I’m sure that we’ve all worked for bosses they didn’t trust. Think back, do they make you feel? Did you want to go to work? Did you put your whole heart and everything that you were doing? Did you give your best?

The answer for me is no. When my boss didn’t trust me I didn’t perform as well as I could have or should have because I knew it would never be good enough. When they question my every action they continue to strive hard to be the best person I could be, no.

As a leader, if you don’t trust your people then you’re not getting the most you can get. 

Not everybody is going to be able to relate to this but a lot of you will. 

As a father or mother do you trust your kids? If you ask them to do something, do you trust that it will get done?

Me, I do. I trust my kids wholeheartedly that they will try their best to get it done. I also know if they make mistakes, and I know it won’t be perfect, and I also know that I could probably do it better and faster. what does a teach them if I don’t trust them?

As a child how did you feel when your dad trusted you to do something? I still remember the first time my dad gave me a screwdriver and said go clean the carburetor out on this lawnmower. I was scared to death what’s so excited. after I got done came out and he looked at it and we tore the carburetor back apart and we put in a few pieces that I didn’t buy get put together right but throughout the whole process never belittled me never talk down to me. All we did was explain how I could have done better, he explained but it’s hard to remember how everything goes back together the first time you do something.

The point is trust goes a long Wings Frost can make your teamwork together. The lack of trust will tear your team apart.

I work for a boss one time and on a team of three people, he’s somehow divided the entire team for we all dislike each other. He thought Dubai feeding each Amore goes individually not as a team he will accomplish more out of us. He would create a rivalry between this and it would cause us to create inner competitions. What you did was took a team of three people who are fairly tight all my chores all part oh, and broke us down where we didn’t even want to see each other anymore.

Because of his lack of trust in all of us his team failed.

Have you ever been in a leadership position where you had to trust somebody completely new somebody you never met before in your life?

The next time that you get put into a situation where you trust somebody, trust me. Don’t hesitate to give them the benefit of the doubt. Know that they can accomplish the task just as well as you could do it.  they might even do better than you could you never know.

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