The Secret To Getting More Applications For Every Position

How we got TONS of people to apply for the positions we recently opened. And how we got A-Team Players to join our team.

Recently one of the biggest things that I heard across the board from decision makers is, “wow is it getting hard to find good help!”

I’m not going to argue that that statement is not correct. What I am going to say is that I don’t 100% agree with it.

There is lots of good help out there that is looking for a BIG opportunity to grow their career. The biggest thing is that they need a GREAT cause to get behind, and an amazing leader to help them move the world in their way. 

So what you have to do as a leader is to create an amazing movement that people want to join!  Then you also have to ensure that they can flourish and grow.

How do you do that?

The first thing is that you have to start with intentionality. 

What I mean is that Jenna and I made a decision when we started Eclipse DOT that we wanted to THE place to work.  We wanted people to beat down our doors to join our team.

That is starting with intentionality.  You have to want to be the best!  

Think Apple.  

They made the decision a long time ago that they wanted to be THE place for people to work. Then they took action to make it THE place to work for by implementing benefits that were unlike anyone else in their time.

The culture they built around their company was amazing. Not only their company but also their raging fans.  

Don’t believe there are only apple fans? Try to give an apple user an android device!!!

They will HATE you.  I mean literally HATE you for not giving them an apple device.  They will never learn how to use the android, except for texting and making calls.

They started with intentionality, and it paid off. 

The next thing you have to do is not tolerate anyone’s crap.

Am I saying that you have to fire everyone who crosses the line?


What I am saying is that everyone needs to know where the line is and what the consequences are when they cross that line.  

The more you tolerate, the more you get B team players.

Guess what A-Team Players only want to work with A-Team Players. They hate it when they are doing all the work.  And B team players, well they don’t like working that much. So, the A-Team players get tired of that situation pretty darn quick.

The more you tolerate the more you lose. 

Now I am a super nice guy and I put up with a lot, but everyone on my team knows exactly where the line is and what happens when they cross that line.  

Our team also knows that I will NEVER ask them to do anything that I have not already done, like 1000 times before I ask them to do it.  

This leads us into the section on why if you want to attract awesome people to your team you have to be an amazing leader, NOT A BOSS.

Everyone HATES A BOSS!!!

And A-Team players won’t tolerate working with bosses, they will leave you quick.

That’s when we swoop in and grab them. Just kidding (kind of but not really).

Another thing that you have to do to get GREAT talent on your team is not to be afraid to compensate them fairly.  

I’m not only talking about starting them off with a decent wage, but also giving them ample rewards throughout their journey.

On our team, we regularly give raises that show how much we appreciate our team and everything they do to further our cause. 

Compensation is only one way of showing appreciation though. There are about 100 million other ways to show how much care.

You can offer I higher vacation package, and make it grow faster than most businesses.  

You could offer a family-friendly company trip once a year. 

You could offer monthly company get-togethers where you buy lunch and get together for a brainstorming session on where the company needs to go. Everyone loves being involved in the direction of the company.

You could give them their birthday without question. Or do even better give them ½ day paid on their kid’s birthdays so that they can spend time with their family.

You can give them an anniversary present (if they are married)

I think you get my drift here. There are TONS of ways that you can offer incentives to keep your team happy and working hard!

One of the biggest things that I have found that helps us keep A team players is simply asking them what we could do to help them be more successful.

I got a call just today from one of my guys. He said, “Hey Dan there is this online training coming up from Russell Brunson (one of my mentors), and I’d like to jump on it.  it’s this Thursday at 2 pm, do you mind if I go through it.  it should only be about 2 hours long and (here is my favorite part) ill clock out for that time!  I just really want to learn this”

My answer SHOCKED him, to say the least. 

“Hey bud, not do I think that is an amazing idea! I want to pay you to learn that, so definitely stay on the clock for it.  but I’ll do you one better. After the training, if you liked and felt like you learned from it, I want to pay you to go through more training from his team to help you grow!”

There was dead silence on the phone for about 30 seconds, finally, I asked, “did I lose you?”

His reply gave me goosebumps, “Dan, that right there is exactly why a LOVE working with you.  I come to you, scared to death to ask and you are like not only yes but HECK YES. And then you go and put whipped cream on top of that.  I have never felt better about what I do and who I do it with!”

I want you to take a second to re-read that.

Go ahead, I’ll wait…….

Notice the words he used.

He doesn’t work FOR me, he works WITH me.  He loves the MISSION that we are working towards. He loves the team he works with. He loves the fact that when he has amazing ideas he gets credit for them.

Do you get it yet?

I’m not saying that every job can get a ton of applicants. and I am definitely not saying that every business can hire A-Team players all the time.

But if you want to make the change to become an A TEAM Employer then you have to choose to do that.  

Let me tell you, it will not be easy.  You will be constantly tempted to change your terms and take the easy route, you will be tempted not to give the 3rd raise in a year.  You will be tempted to constantly, but you have to choose greatness.

If you are interested in having our team help your team, reach out to us today.

Our mission is to make your life easier so that you can focus on what’s really important, growing YOUR business. 

Now get out there, lay some rubber on the road, and start kicking some butt!

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