The FACTS About Drug Testing

The FACTS About Drug Testing

You probably already know this but there are different pools for different jobs within the DOT drug testing.

FMCSA is for truck drivers. It gets a little confusing but really it’s only for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers that hold a CDL.

That means that if you hold a CDL and are utilizing your CDL for a job you need to have an initial NEGATIVE drug test and be in a random drug testing program.

We call that a consortium. It’s a pool of drivers that can be from different companies but all fall under the same regulations for drug testing. Then the consortium makes sure that you are in compliance with the federal regulations for random selections.

Here the Kicker….

But if you are operating a CMV as defined by FMCSA (any vehicle that crosses state lines and has a GVWR [Gross Vehicle Weight Rating] over 10,000 lbs) and are involved in an accident then you need to take a post-accident drug test.

As long as the accident meets the criteria set by FMCSA.

This is if there is a fatality you get a Post-Accident drug test. Or if your driver receives a citation and a vehicle is towed or someone is transported to the hospital by emergency vehicles.

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