Take time to be with your family

Happy family spending quality time together! Take time to be with your family.


Adulting is tricky, right? We’re all about the hustle, always wanting to be busy. But hold up—life isn’t just about rushing through it. The big man upstairs knew this, which is why we got a whole day off each week. Whether we use it or not, that’s on us.

Today, I’ve got some easy steps for you to enjoy your family and still get things done. Let’s make adulting a bit more enjoyable, shall we?

Rise and shine, folks! Start your day a bit earlier. Before I dove into the entrepreneurial world, I made a habit of waking up early. I was always a 6 a.m. riser, but now I’ve found my groove at 4:30. This enables me to complete a multitude of tasks in an additional 1.5 hours before the rest of my household awakens.

Now, here’s the trick: don’t pull me from the past. I once went from 6 a.m. to 4 a.m. in a week, and let me tell you, it was a disaster. I was grumpy, and my kids noticed. So, take it slow. Wake up 15 minutes earlier each week until you hit your goal. Week one, 5:45 am; next week, 5:30 am; and so on.

Another trick is to ditch the snooze button. When that alarm rings, get up! Hitting snooze messes with your mind, making you think, “I’m not ready for the day” or “Just a few more minutes.” You’ll end up groggy and not at your best. After three weeks on my early bird schedule, I found myself waking up even before the alarm, beating it to the punch without disturbing my sleeping wife. Rise and make the most of the day!

Put your loved ones first! We’re all about prioritizing work, but family often gets the short end of the stick. Ever halted work for family needs? Now, reverse that: how often has work interrupted your family time? It’s nuts how many work calls I’ve taken during a family game. Here’s how to flip the script:

  1. Silence Your Phone: Set it on “do not disturb” during crucial family times like breakfast, dinner, and bedtime. If that’s a no-go, leave it in another room. For family games or movies, turn off the ringer and ditch the smartwatch. Sure, you might miss a few steps, but you’ll survive!
  2. Calendar Family Time: Schedule it! I love diving into projects with my crew. At first, I set calendar reminders labeled “family.” It sounds a bit much, but it kept me on track.

Prioritize your pack; you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish together!

Stay connected with your family when you’re away for work. Traveling for work used to mess with my marriage and family time. So, we brainstormed a fix. Quitting the trips wasn’t an option, but we decided on daily phone calls. I’d video call every evening, spending 20 minutes to an hour.

Here’s the trick: Be fully there. No distractions. Picture having a one-sided chat; it’s a downer. I’d head to my hotel room, kill the TV, close the laptop, and settle on the couch or chair. It made the conversation enjoyable, and I was fully present. Keep those family vibes strong!

Bring your work to the heart of your home! Initially, I had this fancy basement office setup, spending my entire day down there like an office hermit. It felt like I was coming out of my cage (office) only for water and bathroom breaks, hiding until late in the evening. Then, I had an epiphany—I wanted to be there when my kids woke up.

So, I started lugging my computer upstairs in the evenings, opting to work at the kitchen table in the morning. Now, it’s become a game-changer. I’m at the kitchen table all the time. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made while working from home. I stop more often to help with their stuff and work on their projects. Sure, there were learning curves for all of us. My kids realized I can’t stop all the time just because I’m home, and I learned it’s okay to hit pause and help them out. Life’s about enjoying it and spending time with the ones who matter.

Get away! Plan a vacation with your family, or if funds are tight, opt for a staycation. Our top pick? San Diego! We rent a house by the ocean for a week; there are no set plans. Just pure relaxation. I stick to my morning routine even on vacation, knocking out work before the rest wake up. Then, it’s all about kicking back and soaking up family time.

Here’s the deal: I’ve struggled with this forever. I work so much that I forget why I’m doing it. The whole point is to have fun with the family. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to take a break and enjoy my kids because they won’t be around forever (fingers crossed, lol).

Prioritize what matters to you. No one on their deathbed says, “Wish I spent more time at work.” Additionally, even if country music is not your thing, listen to “Busy Man” by Billy Ray Cyrus. The lyrics hit home.

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