Speaking Up

speaking up

Speaking up is not always easy, even for me.

I know if you knew me as a kid, you are probably thinking, yeah right Dan, you have never had a hard time speaking what’s on your mind.

Well, you might be right, or at least it might seem that way. 

But the truth is that it can be taught to speak up.

I used to be scared to talk about my love for God and Jesus openly.  

I thought I would be judged, and others would lose faith in me because I believe in God.

The truth is that is the exact opposite of what happened. As soon as I took a stance and started talking about what I believed in, people stopped following me or started communicating with me even more.

Some of you just read that people stopped following me. And are focusing on that.

Well, quit.  

The ones that pretend not to know me because I took a stand for what I believe in. guess what? They weren’t bringing any REAL value into my life anyways.  

Another thing that I started doing was speaking on stage.

Again if you knew me as a kid, you might say, dan, you have never had a hard time being in front of people.  

In fact, my brother might tell you that I am a spotlight HOG.  just kidding Rusty, (kind of. lol)

The truth is that I love being in front of people and sharing my message, as long as I know that the message is true and I believe in it.

I have been blessed to speak on the same stage that many country performers have been on in Reno, NV, in front of groups of over 500 people.  I’ve spoken in Spokane, Washington, at the city auditorium and in front of a small church and youth groups. 

It doesn’t matter what size the stage is or how big the code is, and I still get butterflies before I head out to start.

The hardest “stage” I’ve spoken on lately was behind a church podium for our small local church.  

There were less than 10 people in the audience, but I still struggled to get comfortable.  Even though I did it 2 weeks in a row. And had my message planned out.

Here’s the key to getting on stage and in front of others.


When the pastor asks you if you could take over for him for a few weeks while he enjoys some R&R, do it.

When you get a call from an old friend asking if you could make a toast at their birthday party or wedding, DO IT.

When your high school teacher asks you to say a few words for the class reunion, DO IT.

You get the point if you want to do something, you have to say YES.

The hardest part of taking action is the first step.

After you take that one, the steps that follow seem to come pretty naturally.

Lastly, to get your voice heard, you have to speak up.

Don’t hide in the shadows of everyone else who is speaking their mind. Stand up, straight, and talk.

Do you know what happens next?

People start listening!  It’s amazing.

Here are just a few of the insecurities that I fight every time I speak.

  1. What if I’m wrong! 

Who cares!

If you misspeak and find the correct answer after the fact, admit you were wrong to the whole group—East that crow and enjoy every bite of it.  

After you finish your meal, you know what’s going to happen? Everyone who saw you eat crow and do it with dignity is going to admire what you say that much more.

  1. I’m not good enough at speaking to be in front of people. 

Moses said the same thing to God when he sent him back to Egypt to talk to the pharaoh.  “God, I’m not eloquent with words.” 

If Moses could help get the Israelites released from YEARS and YEARS of slavery, you can get your message across too.

  1. Nobody wants to hear what I have to say.  

Ok, you might be right, but WHO cares!  

Stop worrying about what others think and get it done. It doesn’t matter what others think of you not speaking up and speaking out because you care about what you think.  

Do it for yourself!

  1. I can’t do it, and everyone will think I’m an idiot.  

I know that we have all heard the saying, “better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and prove them right.” 

That’s a bunch of rubbish.  

I’m going to take the words from a great country song here, “if you never stand for anything, you’ll fall for everything.” 

Don’t be afraid of what others think. In the end, their opinion isn’t what matters.

Ok, I’m off my soapbox, and hopefully, you can grab yours and be fearless enough to climb up on it and speak your message.

Thanks for striking with me through this one. And to learn more about my faith, check out www.GodFirstLifeNExt.org to read our weekly devotionals.

Stay safe out there and let the world know what you think unless you disagree with me.  Just kidding, lol.

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