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Short Haul exemption & the 70 Limit for CMV drivers

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Short Haul exemption & the 70 Limit for CMV drivers

Rolling Along: The Short-Haul Exemption—No Log Books Needed!

Greetings, fellow road adventurers! Today, we’re taking a thrilling journey into the world of the Short-Haul Exemption, a golden ticket for truck drivers who stay close to home.

Imagine a world where you can hit the road, deliver your goods, and return home without the hassle of logbooks.

Buckle up because in this ride, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the short-haul exemption, making it a breeze to understand and utilize, all while keeping your DOT compliance on point.

Get ready for a road trip through this exciting exemption, and we’ll sprinkle some SEO wisdom along the way.

The Short-Haul Exemption: A Quick Overview

First things first, let’s clarify what the short-haul exemption is all about. This exemption is designed for drivers who operate within a 150-mile radius of their starting location. 

And here’s an important note: an air mile isn’t the same as a land mile. An air mile is the “as the crow flies” distance, and it’s usually shorter than a land mile. 

So, imagine a circle with a radius of 150 air miles around your home base—that’s your playground for this exemption. If you’re within it, you’re in for a treat—no logbooks required.

The 14-Hour Clock vs. the Short-Haul Exemption

To appreciate the beauty of the short-haul exemption, let’s quickly revisit the 14-hour clock rule that applies to many long-haul truckers. When the 14-hour clock starts ticking, every minute counts, and meticulous logbook entries are a must.

Now, picture this: you’re a short-haul driver, and your delivery takes you less than 14 hours. That’s where the short-haul exemption shines. You’re exempt from the 14-hour rule and logbook requirements. It’s like having a “freedom pass” for your workday.

Conditions for the Short-Haul Exemption

Of course, every exemption comes with conditions. To qualify for the short-haul exemption, you must meet these criteria:

  1. Start and End at the Same Location: Your workday must begin and end at the same location (the 150-air-mile radius circle). Your trusty home base.
  2. No More Than 11 Driving Hours: While you’re exempt from the 14-hour rule, you’re still limited to 11 hours of driving within your workday. Safety remains a top priority.
  3. 10-Hour Rest Break: After your workday, you must have a minimum of 10 consecutive hours off-duty. Rest and rejuvenate for the next adventure.
  4. No More Than 8 Days in a Row: Keep it consistent. You can’t use this exemption if you’ve claimed it for more than 8 consecutive days.

The Perks of the Short-Haul Exemption

Now, let’s talk about the perks of the short-haul exemption. If you’re a short-haul driver, this exemption is like a breath of fresh air.

  1. Less Paperwork: Say goodbye to meticulous logbook entries. With the short-haul exemption, you can focus on what you do best: driving. All you have to do is keep a time card that has the start time, end time, and total time for the day. 
  2. Flexibility: This exemption provides flexibility within the 150-mile radius. You can handle multiple short trips in a day without the constraints of the 14-hour rule.
  3. Savings: Less paperwork means less administrative work and more savings for you and your company.

Staying on the Right Side of the Law

While these exemptions provide flexibility, it’s crucial to remember that compliance and documentation are key. Keeping accurate records of your activities and ensuring that you meet the specific conditions of each exemption is vital to staying DOT-compliant.

Conclusion: The Short-Haul Exemption: A Driver’s Dream

In conclusion, the short-haul exemption is a driver’s dream come true, especially if you spend your days within a 150-mile radius. It simplifies your workday, reduces paperwork, and provides flexibility while ensuring DOT compliance.

So, fellow road adventurers, if you’re a short-haul driver, embrace the short-haul exemption as your trusty companion on the highway. No log books are needed—just you, the road, and a journey filled with freedom.

Want to dive deeper into exemptions or have questions about DOT compliance? Eclipse DOT is your guiding star in the world of trucking. Visit us at to gain more insights and embark on your journey towards mastering the short-haul exemption.

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