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A sure-fire way to pass a roadside inspection

Passing a Roadside Inspection: Tips and Secrets

We’ve all faced the frustration of failing a roadside inspection, but that shouldn’t deter us from hitting the road again. Let’s wipe away those tears, put on our “Yes Sir / Yes Ma’am” hats, and keep on trucking.

1. Attitude is Everything:

When you’re pulled into a weigh station or roadside inspection area, remember that officers are just doing their job, like anyone else. Show them respect, and they’ll likely do the same. Start the inspection with a positive attitude, even if it sounds unusual. Some companies offer incentives for no-violation inspections, and drivers genuinely look forward to the opportunity. When an issue is found, don’t argue—simply say “Yes Sir,” fix the problem, and move on. Always take pictures of violations; it provides solid evidence if needed.

2. Request Your Level 3 Inspection Paperwork:

If everything is in order, ask the officers for your level 3 inspection paperwork. This benefits both your company and the officers’ department in terms of funding.

3. Build Relationships with Law Enforcement:

Consider inviting law enforcement agencies to your yard for a conference with your employees. It may sound unconventional, but remember that officers are people doing their job. By opening this line of communication, you can share the information you offer incentives for no-violation inspections. This not only promotes transparency but also helps you understand inspection trends that you can address within your fleet. Building this rapport can also lead to more positive interactions during roadside inspections.

4. Encourage Smart Choices Daily:

Emphasize to your drivers the importance of making wise decisions. Encourage them to stand out in the industry by being responsible and safety-conscious. Ensure every employee knows their role in the company’s success, as they are all essential to its foundation.

By following these simple objectives, your drivers may even start looking forward to going through the port of entry, and your DOT scores will improve. Additionally, you’ll have built a valuable relationship with those who enforce regulations, contributing to the strength of your company.

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