Roadside Inspections & What YOU Need to Know

Roadside Inspections & What YOU Need to Know

Roadside inspections can be brutal.

Now, let’s delve into the different levels of inspections you might encounter at a POE:

1. Level I Inspection: This is the most comprehensive inspection, covering both the driver and vehicle. Expect a thorough examination of your documentation, as well as a meticulous inspection of your vehicle’s components.

2. Level II Inspection: While not as extensive as Level I, Level II inspections focus on the driver and their credentials, such as their license, medical card, and hours-of-service documentation.

3. Level III Inspection: This inspection centers on the driver’s credentials, particularly their hours-of-service records. It aims to ensure compliance with regulations related to rest and driving hours.

4. Level IV Inspection: Typically reserved for specific purposes, this inspection looks at the vehicle’s cargo, particularly hazardous materials, to ensure they are properly secured and labeled.

5. Level V Inspection: Often called the “Vehicle-only” inspection, it concentrates solely on your vehicle’s condition and safety components.

6. Level VI Inspection: This is primarily focused on the inspection of the vehicle’s cargo tank and its associated equipment.

7. Level VII Inspection: This inspection involves assessing the vehicle’s transport of hazardous materials, with a focus on the documentation, packaging, and placarding.

8. Level VIII Inspection (North American Standard Electronic Inspection)**: As mentioned earlier, this inspection leverages advanced technology to inspect your vehicle while it’s in motion, reducing the need for direct interaction with enforcement officers.

Understanding these levels can help you prepare for the type of inspection you might encounter. Moreover, it’s crucial to maintain all necessary documentation, ensure your vehicle is in excellent condition, and cooperate with enforcement officers during inspections to facilitate a smooth process.

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