Merry Christmas

Festive holiday decorations and Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas

In the midst of the holiday hustle, let’s pause to reflect on the true essence of Christmas.


At the heart of the festive season is the celebration of Christ’s birth. Amidst the busyness, let’s ensure this profound meaning shines brightly, bringing peace and joy to our hearts.

I often find myself preoccupied with thoughts of whether the gifts are perfect or if the dinner preparations meet everyone’s expectations. The pressure to be home for Christmas can sometimes overshadow the genuine reason for our celebration.

As someone who prioritizes self-growth through extensive reading and invests time and resources in personal well-being, I’m reminded to shift my focus back to the true essence of the celebration. Let’s embrace the joy and significance of the season beyond material concerns.

Tony Robbins, whom I follow for inspiration, often emphasizes, “Where focus goes, energy flows.”

Now, you might wonder why we’re discussing focus and self-growth in this devotional about bringing Christ back into Christmas. Just bear with me for a moment—I’m getting there.

When we get caught up in questions about gifts, dinner, or being home for Christmas, are we genuinely focusing on the real reason for the season? Let’s redirect our focus to the true essence of Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s birth.

Our energy is often absorbed by buying gifts, seeking to please others, and planning meals. However, the good Lord advises us not to worry about such things (Matthew 6:25-34).

Let’s shift our focus to Christ—revel in the extraordinary gift given to us when a virgin conceived a child. Ponder the growth of that child and the profound impact he has had on our world. Let’s concentrate on what lies ahead—our salvation and the path to work diligently for the best leader in the world.

Shifting our focus to the real reason, Christ, changes our mindset, making other concerns less significant.

Another crucial aspect to remember is that despite the commercialization of holidays, especially Christmas, giving expensive gifts is not the most important thing.

Many individuals accumulate credit card debt during this holiday, spending beyond their means to demonstrate affection.

Pause for a moment and reflect on the purpose behind your gift-giving. Is it out of obligation or a desire to honor God’s gift to us?

Consider reading “The Five Love Languages” to gain valuable insights into expressing love in meaningful ways. I’m not receiving any kickbacks or sales percentage for recommending this book; it’s simply an impactful read.

Give “The Five Love Languages” another read, but this time, extend your thoughts beyond your partner. Consider everyone in your life and try to identify their love language.

When it comes to gift-giving, tailor your presents to match their love language. For someone valuing quality time, an Amazon bestseller might not cut it; opt for a day out, enjoying lunch, shopping, or maybe even a joint pampering session (minus the nail polish for the guys, unless they’re into that). If words of affirmation is their preference, shower them with compliments throughout the year.

If someone’s love language is receiving gifts, remember that the value lies in the thought, not the price tag. It’s the heartfelt effort that truly matters, not the cost. For those who appreciate physical touch, a warm hug can be a priceless gift each time you meet.

If their love language is an act of service, make an effort to perform thoughtful deeds for them regularly, such as unloading the dishwasher, folding the laundry, or picking up their papers from the office printer.

The main idea is that the financial cost of gifts doesn’t really matter; what counts is the effort we put into expressing our love. Today, let’s encourage everyone to pray regularly and reflect on the significant gift God gave us over 2000 years ago. As we navigate the Christmas season, when you greet someone, don’t hesitate to say, “Merry Christmas” and emphasize Christ!

Take Initiative:

Shift your perspective today. When searching for or giving gifts, keep Christ in mind. Consider what would reflect the true spirit of Christmas in your choices.

Consider what would genuinely bring joy to this person. It could be a thoughtful experience, such as a lunch date, a dinner date, or a weekend getaway. (Except for my dad—he’s not a fan of beach weekends. He won’t even take a bath if the water gets over his ankles. Just kidding, but he’s not a fan of beach weekends. Love you, dad.)

 Spread the joy of Christmas by wishing everyone you meet a Merry Christmas. Don’t hesitate to share your love for God with the world. Numerous conversations I initiated turned out to be wonderful for everyone involved.

Be sure to even talk to strangers and tell them Merry Christmas.

When adding a personal touch to your gift card, include a Bible verse that holds special meaning to you. With countless inspiring verses, I like to make it a game by closing my eyes, focusing on Christ, randomly selecting a page, and guessing the book and chapter in my head. Then, I opened my eyes and read the verse where my finger landed. It adds a unique and meaningful touch to the gift.

Here’s a secret: that’s how I pick most of the verses for these devotionals. LOL. I include that chosen verse in the card and share it with the world. Above all, remember to express gratitude to God for the incredible gift He gave us so long ago and for the ongoing gifts we receive today.

Warm wishes from the entire Eclipse DOT team and the Greer home.”

Merry Christmas!

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