“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” — Bob Proctor

Recently we heard from Derek S. on what his mentor looks like.   (His isn’t too pretty, PS if you didn’t get to read it you should check it out here.)

Why is having multiple mentors so important for every aspect of life?

Because they help you stay the course to keep your life moving in the direction you need it to.

Think back to a time when you surround yourself with people who were not motivated.  They came to work every day and didn’t have any driver to improve their situation.

How did you feel?

At first, you most likely noticed that they were not very motivated and you didn’t want to end up like them. Going to work for a paycheck.

Then after a while, you probably started to think, man this a pretty good job, and it has great benefits. I mean I work 4-10 hour days and get tons of holidays off.  The pay isn’t that great, and I have no real opportunity to improve myself here. But hey who cares.

Believe me, I have been there before and it wasn’t a good feeling.

After a while, I started to dread going to work every day.

The only thing that helped me to get back on the right track and make some major improvements in my life were my mentors.

I chose to find some new mentors and start following them closer.

The mentor that pulled me out of more situations than I can remember is, Jesus.

I also have other mentors now that I have shifted my life to be an Entrepreneur.  I look to other people who have successfully started and run businesses.

Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, Jenna Kutcher, Ezra Lee, The list goes on and on…

How do you pick your mentors?

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right Mentors for you.

1. Are they in your profession?  Think a little outside the box here.  Let’s say that I’m in the transportation industry.  

Tony Robbins isn’t anywhere near that industry.

How can he be one of my mentors?

It’s simple, Tony helps people learn.  Which is exactly what I do. I help them learn about the transportation industry.

2. Are they where you want to be in the future?  A lot of people take this literally.  

Hey, Dean Graziosi lives in AZ and I want to live in AZ so I’m going to use him as my mentor.  That’s not what I mean at all.

What I mean is their mentality, where you want to be someday.  Managing multiple companies that they started. Working with the best entrepreneurs in the industry. Spending time with family and friends.

Look at their values, not possessions to help you choose the right mentors.

3. Do they push you to the next level?  When you consider mentors you need to make sure they help to push you to the next level.  

Not their next level but your next level.

When I think of Russell Brunson he is someone who helps to push me.  His podcasts and challenges help me to move myself to the next level.

He is the reason that I ran my first funnel, the reason that I started using ads to help my business grow.

He might not even know my name, but he pushed me to the next level.

4. Do they share their “REAL” story?  Jenna Kutcher is someone who always shares her true story. 

She is one of the only people that I know about who actually divulged her real finances on her podcast, Goaldigger, in the past.

Your mentors need to be “real”!  If they are hiding things then they won’t be able to help you as much as you need.

Because they are scared to share everything with their clan they won’t be able to truly help you grow.

5. Are they willing to take chances and help encourage you to take those chances? 

When I think of someone who is willing to take massive calculated chances the first person that comes to my mind is Ezra Lee.

Ezra started a hydroseeding company back in 2001 called Crossfire.  He grew that into a massive company with over 1800 employees working across the United States.

Now he is a great leader for an ever bigger company and has his fingers in multiple other opportunities in different industries.

Ezra is great at taking chances, I wish I had the ability to take the risks he takes every day.  And that’s just one of the reasons that I look to him as a mentor.

A mentor is someone who should help you push yourself.  They should be able to provide you with the knowledge that you need to level up.

What are you waiting on to get out there and find yourself a few mentors?

Don’t wait another day.  Today we want to encourage you to look for someone who is where you want to go!

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