Measuring results as a leader can be tough

The Leadership Balancing Act: Mastering the Art of Result Measurement

Here Are A Few Of The Keys That I Use:

First, I look at the morale of the employees. If morale is low, it means that I need to step up my game and figure out how to improve it.

As a leader, another great thing that I look at is how close the people in the group are. If they are close to one another, if they share, if they are friends, and talk about more than just work. I’ve done a great job as a leader making them feel comfortable around each other.

I also look at how much they’re working and what their workload is. Now there’s a major difference between knowing if their workload is too much and they can accomplish every task or if they can’t accomplish the task because they don’t have the drive.

I evaluate that, and I keep in mind that each person is unique. Each person has different qualities.

When was the last time I rewarded them? I reward people for a job well done.

I like to use a positive reinforcement system.

What that means is that when somebody does something wrong, it’s always handled in private, and it’s never that big of a deal. I coach them through it and help them learn how to get better. We talk about tips and strategies. No voices are ever raised, and no threats are made. If this happens again, you lose your job.

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