Making your connections count!

Making your connections count!

Connections are everything in business and in life. Don’t waste your time on things don’t really matter. Take time today to make every connection you have count!

Networking is one of the most enjoyable things that I do every single day, but it hasn’t always been easy for me. In this blog, we will be talking about some sure-fire ways to give your network a jump-start. Not only that but we will also give you a few insider tips to grow your following on multiple platforms.

We know that networking isn’t easy for everyone that’s why we are writing this.

Remember that networking is just like everything else. You can learn about it all day, but if you never put the action items into use then you are wasting, you time.

Our first tip to networking is to get used to being out of your comfort zone. If you constantly live in your comfort zone then you will notice that when you are given the chance to network you will always choose to stay at home or go back to your hotel room.

Our second tip is when at an event or traveling don’t go back to your hotel room, spend a few minutes at the bar. We didn’t say you had to drink, that’s completely your choice. By spending time sitting at the bar, you will be able to see everyone as they come in.

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