Leading with Compassion


We’ve talked about being a passionate leader and how that changes the energy level of your team

Now we’re gonna talk about being a compassionate leader in why you wanna be compassionate as well.

Go back to when you 1st went into the workforce, think about it for a second.  

  • Did you like your boss? 

  • Did you like your 2nd boss? 

  • Is there maybe something that they helped you learn when you 1st started your job? 

  • Did they have compassion and help you, or were they hard nosed?

Sometimes when we’ve been with a team for a while we lose the compassion that we have with newer members to the team.

Compassion is something that we need to lead with.  We need to have understanding. 

We must know that mistakes will be made, and it doesn’t mean that the person isn’t smart. It doesn’t mean that they’re not intelligent.

What this means is that they’re human. Just like every other person in this world. 

We all make mistakes. 

The difference between a good leader and a poor leader is that a good leader will have compassion for those mistakes. A good leader will have understanding & choose to help them learn from what happened. 

Most people are harder on themselves than anyone else could ever be. 

Having compassion for someone when they make a mistake is showing that it’s OK. This is way better than coming off as a hard nosed snob and telling them, “if you make another mistake I’ll have no choice but to let you go.”

When was the last time you had compassion for one of your team members? When was the last time you could have had more compassion for one of them?

We want to know about your favorite boss, tag them and tell us why they were awesome!

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