How to Do In-Cab Inspection

In-Cab CDL Inspection Checklist for Truck Drivers

How to Do In-Cab Inspection

Let’s break down how to conduct an in-cab inspection for a CDL test, covering every crucial aspect of this process:

1. Mirrors: Start by meticulously checking your mirrors. Ensure they are clean and properly adjusted. The glass should be free of cracks or pits and larger than a quarter.

2. Clutch and Gauges: Begin with a safe start: if it’s a manual transmission, make sure the truck is in neutral, apply the clutch, and start the engine. Confirm that the truck remains stationary. If it’s an automatic, skip the clutch step.

3. Heater and Defroster: Set the heater to heat and the defroster to defrost. Confirm that air is blowing not only on top of the dash but also on the floor. Even in hot weather, a functioning defroster is required, so don’t skip this inspection.

4. Horn, Indicators, and 4-way flashers: Test both the city horn and air horn. Examine all indicators, including turn signals (left, right, and high beams), and don’t forget to check the 4-way flashers. Verify the steering’s responsiveness and absence of play.

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