How to fight distracted driving, and WIN

Distraction are everywhere, we think we can multitask, the truth is we can’t. We weren’t designed to multitask. It’s like having too many windows open on your computer. Your reaction time slows down. From the inside you don’t realize it, but it’s definitely noticeable.

Hey guys when was the last time you checked your phone while driving? Were your kids in the back seat?

It is not a big deal that I checked my phone while I was driving; nothing happened I did not swerve or crash, no one got hurt. Maybe that is the case this time and every other time before but it will not be the case every time. Distracted driving is the fastest growing cause of automobile accidents around the world. We don’t want you or your loved ones to become another statistic so we are going to give you some easy to follow distracted driving tips that we try our best to follow every time we get behind the wheel.


If you are going to use your phone while driving, make sure you use a hands-free system. That means that you don’t have to touch anything to use the phone. It’s been proven that just talking on the phone while driving increases your chances of getting an accident. The National Safety Council reported that cell phone use while driving leads to over 1.6 million crashes each year.


Never text while driving, it’s not worth it to take your eyes off the road at all. Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year in the US from texting and driving. When you text and drive you are increasing your chances of getting in an accident by over 400%. 400% that’s HUGE!! Also think about what you just taught your kids in the back seat? Do you want them texting and driving when they get old enough?


Your attitude makes all the difference in the world, especially behind the wheel. If you are emotional it’s not the time to get behind the wheel. Take a few moments to get your thoughts collected before you take off. Think about how hard it is to see after you’ve been crying. Tears blur your vision, thoughts cloud your judgment and your body isn’t prepared to go to work. Driving with any kind of emotional stress is the exact same way. That emotion clouds your vision while your thoughts run wild making it extremely difficult to focus. More likely than not if your anything like me you can’t even think straight when your emotionally distressed. Heck, my wife might even say that I’m irrational at times. Lol.


Plug your phone in and put it in the console so it’s not distracting. I used to not only tell the people that I trained to drive trucks but also lived by this when I was driving. I would place my phone upside down on the floor between the seats so I would ensure that it wouldn’t distract me.


This is our last tip. Avoid multitasking while driving. Let’s face it you are already multitasking every time you get behind the wheel. You have to move your foot on the accelerator, turn the wheel, use your turn signals, dim and brighten your lights, check your mirrors, all of that is plenty to do without adding more to it. My favorite story about multitasking is when I was running a heavy haul across the Western US. I hit Salt Lake City at morning rush hour. As we were all driving bumper to bumper in stop and go traffic, I glanced out my driver side window. What did I see? A woman changing her clothes while she drove. Now there were at least two of us on the road driving while distracted. Lol. This lady got down to her skivvies and changed her shirt, skirt and shoes all while she was driving. Then she proceeded to put on her deodorant and makeup.

The big thing to remember is that I guarantee that someone wants you to make it home safe tonight and every night. Don’t take the unnecessary risks associated with distracted driving.

Buckle up and stay safe out there.

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