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Hours of Service Exemptions

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Hours of Service Exemptions

Trucking Regulations Exemptions: A Comprehensive Guide

Adverse Driving Conditions:

  • Up to 2 additional hours of driving time are allowed when encountering adverse conditions.
  • CFR Section: 395.1(b)(1), 395.2

Agricultural Operations:

  • Exemption from all hours-of-service regulations during planting and harvesting seasons when transporting agricultural commodities or farm supplies within 150 air miles.
  • CFR Section: 395.1(k), 395.2

Farm Vehicle Operations (10,00–16,000 lbs. GVW/GVWR):

  • Exemption from all hours-of-service regulations for farm vehicles driven by the owner/operator, transporting agricultural goods, not for hire, and not carrying hazardous materials.
  • CFR Section: 390.5, 390.39(a)(3)

Farm Vehicle Operations (26,001 lbs. or Greater GVW/GVWR):

  • Same exemptions as above, with the added ability to operate anywhere within the home state or within a 150-mile radius.
  • CFR Section: 390.5, 390.39(a)(3)


  • Allows 15 hours of driving time, 20 hours of duty time, and flexible weekly limits for CMV drivers operating in Alaska.
  • CFR Section: 395.1(h)

Construction Materials and Equipment:

  • 24-hour restarts for vehicles transporting construction materials and equipment within 50 air miles of an active construction site.
  • CFR Section: 395.1(m)


  • Exemptions for salespeople within 100 miles, limited driving hours, and no more than half of working time spent driving.
  • CFR Section: §395.1(c), §395.2

Emergency Relief:

  • All hours-of-service regulations are waived during declared national, regional, state, or local emergencies.
  • CFR Section: 390.23

Emergency Driving Conditions:

  • Full exemption when facing emergency conditions that prevent a legal run.
  • CFR Section: 395.1(b)(2)

The Federal Government Operated:

  • All hours-of-service regulations apply.
  • CFR Section: 390.3(f)(2)

Fire and Rescue, Emergency Operation (Non-Government):

  • All hours-of-service regulations apply.
  • CFR Section: 390.3(f)(5)

Groundwater Well Drilling:

  • 24-hour restarts are allowed for vehicles primarily used in groundwater well drilling.
  • CFR Section: 395.1(l)


  • No logbook is required, but time records must be kept.
  • CFR Section: 395.1(i)

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