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HOS for Passenger Carrying Vehicles The Details

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Passenger-Carrying Commercial Motor Vehicles HOS Rules

HOS for Passenger Carrying Vehicles The Details

Understanding Hours of Service (HOS) Rules for Passenger-Carrying Commercial Motor Vehicles

In a previous article post, we covered the essential facts about Hours of Service (HOS) regulations for passenger-carrying commercial motor vehicles (CMVs).

On-Duty Time

What is considered “on-duty” time?

On-duty time encompasses any time for which you receive compensation, mirroring the rules for property-carrying CMVs. This includes:

  • Fueling the vehicle.
  • Performing pre- and post-trip inspections.
  • Waiting at a motor carrier’s facility, terminal, or on public property to be dispatched, unless relieved of duty.
  • Inspecting, servicing, or conditioning the truck, including fueling and washing.
  • All driving time.
  • All time spent at or in the commercial motor vehicle, except for specific exceptions.
  • Loading, unloading, supervising, attending the truck, or handling paperwork for shipments.
  • Dealing with breakdowns.
  • Providing samples for drug and alcohol testing.
  • Performing any other work for a motor carrier, including training and driving a company car.
  • Engaging in paid work for entities other than motor carriers (e.g., part-time jobs).

In essence, on-duty time encompasses all work, whether paid or not, for a motor carrier or any other entity. You can find the detailed definition of on-duty time in Section 395.2.

Travel Time

What is “Travel Time?”

Travel time refers to the time spent being transported to a new location as part of your job without performing any driving during the trip. Any travel time directed by your motor carrier is considered on-duty time. However, if you take at least 8 consecutive hours off duty upon arrival at your destination, you can count all the time, including travel time, as off-duty.

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