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Finish your entire Hazmat ELDT certification in less time than it takes to watch a TV show.
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Unlock Success with Eclipse DOT: Targeted Training That Hits the Bullseye!

Our Promise to You!

Why You Should Choose Eclipse DOT!

Our “Bullseye!” Procedure

We Hit Training on the Mark!

Become a Hazmat Expert Before Dinner Time!

Why Our Course...

Why You Should Choose Eclipse DOT!

With Eclipse DOT Knows Training

Our “Bullseye!” Procedure

We Hit Training on the Mark!

Become a Hazmat Expert Before Dinner Time!

Why Our Course...

What Others Are Saying About Us

See what other like you have to say about training with Eclipse-DOT!

Julie From Kentucky! Super Easy

"This was so easy. Eclipse DOT made it fun and easy to get this done. From the time I signed up to the time I finished, it was literally under an hour."

Mel From Minnesota! I ACTUALLY Laughed In A DOT Course

"I had so much fun in this course. I never thought that I would laugh in a DOT course, but Dan proved me wrong and made this absolutely enjoyable!"

Ryan from Colorado! Straight Forward. No B.S.

"I hate BS and Dan did an amazing job at not giving any in this course. they got straight to the point so I didn't waste my day."

What Is Really Included In My Hazmat Training Through Eclipse DOT?

Our COO, Daniel Greer, spent years in the CDL-required industries. Working his way to the top from the ground up, Dan experienced every pain point we do as drivers, and he saw a disconnect in bringing drivers their training without mass amounts of confusion or inconvience.
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He wanted to keep it simple. And so we will put it simply...

  • Complete Hazmat Theory training so you can keep yourself and those around you safe while out in the field.

  • Hazmat Registration information! Simply scan the QR Code and input your company information and get instant information on your Hazmat registration status with your state of operation as well as the federal government!

  • A Certificate of Completion will be provided to you directly, no need to wait for the snail mail to arrive, or an unbearably long wait at a DMV!

  • ​Complete Hazmat Success Kit! This includes how to complete a proper bill of lading, emergency response guide, QR Code for Hazmat Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, QR Code for Hazmat Regulations, and a Hazmat FAQ!

Start Your ENGINES

Sign up

When you sign up here you are fast-tracking your success to getting your Hazmat Certification! Registration is simple and only takes a few minutes. You can begin the course immediately after registration anywhere with an online connection!

Complete Your Course!

This course takes less time that it would to watch a TV show! No classrooms and no lines, you get to do it at your leisure. So while we know it can be done faster than it takes to watch a TV show, you get to learn at your own speed!

Show What You Know!

Go to a DMV office for the state in which you have obtained your CDL, and complete the Hazardous Materials written test! We will send you.

In it for the Long Haul!

You are now certified to haul hazardous materials with your CDL! Seriously... It is literally that simple. after you complete these 3 easy steps you can have your hazmat endorsement on your license.

Get to Know Your Trainers!

Daniel Greer

Another lifetime ago, before he was your DOT ‘guru’, our C.O.O. Daniel Greer was brought into a position to improve compliance and safety scores where the age-old tradition was to do the bare minimum in the world of DOT compliance.
Why? Because what everyone thought mattered the most was making as much money as they possibly could AND because DOT is so complicated, no one thought they would ever find the time to figure it out, let alone become a master at regulations and compliance.
Another lifetime ago, before he was your DOT ‘guru’, our C.O.O. Daniel Greer was brought into a position to improve compliance and safety scores where the age-old tradition was to do the bare minimum in the world of DOT compliance.
The government writes these rules using words with 18 syllables and they speak in riddles.
Basically, they confuse us and almost intimate us into saying yes even though we do not even know what we are agreeing to. Needless to say, they DO NOT make it easy for everyday people like you and me to understand. And that is where they make money off of you and me.
Uncle Sam knows that less than 2% of us are going to take the time to sit down and read the rulebook (that is quite literally longer than reading Moby Dick), they have all of us agree that we will follow ALL of the rules, even though that 98% of us do not understand all of the rules and technical lingo.
Because no one in Dan’s position had ever taken the time to understand the rules and regulations and had never taken the time to REALLY become a DOT expert, no one really ever knew what it meant to be 100% compliant.
Elevating DOT Compliance to Excellence

Kind of ironic huh?

And we agree!

Your time SHOULD be spent on what matters the most. So after trying a few different ideas, Daniel and his team created something that understands DOT regulations FOR YOU, so you can focus your time right where you want it. We took this theory and we tweaked and twisted it…

And Voila!

We brought to your desktops, mobile devices, and tablets! is built for the industry, by the industry and is purposed to put compliance back into your hands and take the complexity out of compliance, with your Hazmat training serving that very idea!

And then when they catch us out of compliance with those unknown rules, we are slapped with HUGE fines! In fact, the average cost of penalties and fines after a DOT audit is more than $5,000.00!!!

Unlock the Secrets to Success: On Your Mark, Get Set, Don't Go!

Secret #1
On your Mark...

Providing DOT training and consulting nationwide, we saw a need for an easier, less time-consuming, and more accessible way to get your training completed. The issue was... We weren't sure where to start.

Secret #1
Get Set....

Keeping it simple has been our motto because DOT is so complicated and nuanced. So we asked, "How do we make it easier for drivers to get the training done without missing out on time at work or with their families?" The answer? We brought it to your device! Complete your training anywhere with internet connection!

Secret #2
Don't Go!

Instead of you going to a hazmat training class, we found a way to bring your Hazmat Certification to you! Complete your education at home, so you can just show up at the DMV and take the test, without pulling your hair out in a state classroom!

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