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Enhancing Your Leadership Journey

Last night, at our beach house, the kids were browsing through available videos, and guess what they found? The DreamWorks movie, “The Prince of Egypt.” If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d suggest giving it a watch. It’s worth your time!

This movie does a pretty good job showing Moses’s life, at least until they get past the sea part. While watching, a couple of thoughts crossed my mind. First and foremost, it hit me that God can pull off anything!

When you’re feeling a bit down or unsure about achieving what you’ve set out to do, just remember this: If God can part the Red Sea and bring on those seven plagues in Egypt, there’s nothing you can’t handle!

If God can pull off those epic feats, he’s got your back in finishing your task too. Just stick with it and don’t lose heart!

Something else that struck me is how people haven’t changed all that much since Moses’s time. It’s like some things are just timeless, you know?

Consider this… Moses managed to convince the pharaoh to release the Hebrews after years of slavery. Now, that’s quite a persuasive move!

And wouldn’t you believe it? When they reached the Red Sea, they all started giving Moses a hard time! “Why’d you drag us out of Egypt just to meet our end out here?” was one of the things they said. Talk about a tough crowd!

Would you believe it happened again? Right after crossing the Red Sea, they’re saying, “Why’d you get us out of Egypt just to wander around the desert and face death?” It’s like a broken record with these guys!

As humans, we often forget the good stuff God hands us, even if it was something amazing just yesterday! It’s like we’ve got a short-term memory for blessings or something.

Here’s a nugget that caught my attention: God doesn’t pick the already qualified; He turns those He calls into the qualified.

What I’m getting at is that Moses wasn’t some seasoned leader fit to guide the Israelites. It’s like God saw something in him and said, “You’re the one for the job!”

Now, Moses, bless his heart, wasn’t exactly the smoothest talker and had a bunch of self-doubt going on. Can you believe he straight-up asked God to find someone else to do the talking with the pharaoh and the Hebrews? Talk about humble beginnings!

God didn’t tap Moses on the shoulder because he had all the qualifications. Quite the opposite, actually! It’s like God saw something special in Moses that others might have missed.

Next time you think you’re not up to the task you’re called for, just remember: God doesn’t pick the already qualified. He turns the ones he calls into the right folks for the job!

Take action

Hey, folks, here’s a little task for you today. Take a moment to dive into the story of Moses. After you read it (or listen to it), think about all the things you’ve achieved. Did you start off feeling fully qualified for those tasks, or did you become qualified as you tackled them? Food for thought!

Next up, let’s ponder the concept of herd mentality. It’s like when you go along with what everyone else is doing, just because.

Now, take a pause and reflect on those times you became qualified. Did it happen because you went with the herd, or did you stand out by thinking outside the box and breaking away from the crowd? Something worth considering, right?

A little more

Time to ponder a bit of philosophy: do we choose our missions, or do our missions sometimes choose us?

When I became a CDL tester, I was pretty convinced I had handpicked my mission.

Now, as I look back on that so-called “choice,” I’m not entirely sure I picked that mission. It might just have chosen me! Life’s got a funny way of steering us sometimes.

Alright, the more I think about it, I’m certain IT chose me. I might have thought, “It’d be pretty sweet to make a couple of hundred bucks a week at first,” or “Being known as a CDL tester in our community? That sounds like a good gig.” Sometimes life decides for us, doesn’t it?

Was I all set to be a CDL tester when I first started checking it out? Not! No way!

I could handle a vehicle like a champ, but being a top-notch tester? I didn’t quite have the people skills for that at first.

Those initial tests? They’re still fresh in my memory.

Here’s a moment from my testing days: I’d tell the driver, “Up ahead, pull the truck over to the right side of the road and secure it, like we were going to hop out and check something at the back.” It’s a little trick to see how well they handle different situations.

In those early days, well, let’s be honest, for about the first year, when I threw that curveball and said, “Pull over like we’re checking something at the back,” the drivers often gave me this puzzled look and asked, “Did I mess up?” It was a bit of a head-scratcher for them.

Back in the early days, I had to clarify that the “pull over” move was just a test procedure, not a sign of a mistake. After more than a decade as a tester, nobody wonders if they messed up when I gave that instruction. I’ve mastered saying it in a way that doesn’t make them second-guess themselves. It’s all about learning the ropes!

Let me drive this point home: when I started, I wasn’t exactly a pro tester; I was far from it. But now, I’ve gone above and beyond, helping loads of folks become skilled CDL testers. It’s been quite the journey!

Let’s talk about Eclipse DOT—same deal. When I kicked off this business, was I all set to be a business owner? Not a chance! I had a lot to learn!

Running this business? Honestly, I wasn’t exactly born ready for it, but I felt the calling, so I dove in and did my best.

Now, three years down the road, can I claim to be the most qualified business owner? Nope, not yet, but compared to where I started, I’ve leveled up big time. It’s a learning journey, folks!

It’s like a repeat of God’s first life! Whenever we kick off a new project, we’re typically not fully qualified to pull it off right from the get-go. We learn as we go!

By the time we wrap it up, we’re often overqualified for that project. You just have to put in the effort and give it the good ol’ college try! That’s the key.

Next time you think you can’t tackle something because you don’t know how, keep this in mind: nobody’s born qualified when they’re called to kick off a new project. It’s all about learning and growing along the way. You got this!

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