Giving Back

Giving back

Giving Back

One of my newest favorite quotes is ‘when life gets better, don’t raise your standard of living, raise your standard of giving.

Too often we think about giving in simple terms of money & finances.

The truth is that giving is so much more than just money.

It’s about knowledge, time, love, encouragement, and yes also finances.

Think back for a couple of seconds to the last time when somebody gave you something.

What was it?

How much did it help you?

How much did it mean to you?

How long did you utilize it?

Are you still learning from it?

Recently my wife and I have moved into a new season of life, a different season than we’ve ever been in before our youngest kid is now nine and our oldest is driving.

we’re thinking about the future in a different way than we’ve ever thought about it before.

We know that God has provided us with blessings and we have been helped more than we could ever imagine.

We understand just how blessed we are.

As we navigate our way through this season a few things have come to light for me.

One of those is that we have to continue to give back more than receive.

By giving back we are allowing others to move forward with their dreams and ambitions. Could you imagine if you never received any advice or encouragement from anyone?

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