Enjoy the season that you are in.

Enjoy the season that you are in.

How often do you just sit, relax, feel, and enjoy the moment that you’re in?

I bet with all the craziness that’s going on right now in the world, we spend most of our time worrying about what the future holds.

Quick tip.

Worry isn’t going to change anything.

So how about you just enjoy the season that you’re in because God has given you so many things that you should be grateful for.

His creation is beautiful, relax and enjoy it. You need to stop and enjoy life because sorry to say, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

We are all familiar with the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason.”

However, the only logical explanation of everything that happens is God.

We can argue about science all day, but what makes the most sense is that God is the reason for everything that happens and exists around you.

And He deserves credit for all that.

Another quote almost everyone is familiar with is that “As long as you woke up, it means God is not done with you.”

Allow me to quote the Bible 1 Kings 19: 7 “Get up and eat some more—you’ve got a long journey ahead of you.”MSG

This is God assuring you that you have a long way to go. Don’t haste at all. Take time to enjoy what is right in front of you.

How do you ensure you’re living in the moment?

Here are some tips to help you treasure those countless little moments, which are available to you every day.

  1. Past is history, future is a mystery, NOW is a gift.

Stop re-thinking your past and worrying about the future. If you have to carry anything from your past, let it be something you’re fond of.

If you’re not fond of it, smile and focus on the “now.”

  1. Pay attention to the small things.

Embrace and notice your surroundings even in the smallest ways.

Ambience, sounds, sights, these are all small things that you should be grateful for.

  1. Be mindful of every second passing.

The moment you are concerned about every second and minute that passes, you will prolong the value of that moment and make the most out of it.

  1. Be kind and give thanks.

Just helping someone in need will brighten up your day.

Always give thanks to God who has enabled you to see each day because each day is a blessing.

  1. Affirmation.

Say it loud to yourself, “This is it, I’m in my 20s, or 30s or 40s, and so on.” I won’t worry about what could, should, or might happen.

To sum up, everyone has that day where everything feels not in place, where you just sit in your car or bathroom and cry.

This is why you need to memorize your good days and moments so they can help you to get through the bad days.

Fully appreciate the moments of today, forgive past hurts, stop worrying, smile, live every day at a time.

All right then, chin up and make every moment count.

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