Do I Need a DOT Number

Knowing if you need a DOT number can be confusing we’re going to help you determine whether you need one or not.

The first question we have is do you operate vehicles?  Yes!

Is it for business or personal use?

If it’s for personal use and you’re not making any money on it then no DOT Number is needed.  

If it’s for any type of business or anytime you’re being compensated or getting paid to do a job the next question is Are you crossing state lines, Carrying hazardous materials? 

No, I never cross state lines and don’t even know what hazmat is! You still might be required to get a DOT number there are 37 states in the US that require A USDOT number.

Why-yes fine sir I do cross state lines with my vehicle from time to time for business. 

Are you being paid to carry more than eight passengers including the driver?  or is your vehicle rated over 10,001 lb? Do you operate vehicles that were designed from the manufacturer to carry 15 or more passengers including the driver? you transport hazardous materials?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will be required to get a USDOT number.

Still not sure if you need to get a DOT number?

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