Deeper Dive into Vehicle Maintenance Files Part One

Deeper Dive into Vehicle Maintenance Files Part One

Simplifying Your Vehicle Maintenance File

Last week, we shared a wealth of information about what should be included in a vehicle maintenance file.

Step 1: Create Unit Folders

Make things easier for potential audits by setting up folders, digitally or physically, for each unit you have. Yes, this includes trailers whose GCWR contributes to being a Commercial Motor Vehicle.

Step 2: Vehicle List

Keep it simple. Create a spreadsheet with labeled columns for each piece of information needed:

  • When the vehicle was purchased
  • Year, make, and model of the vehicle
  • VIN
  • Tire size
  • GVWR
  • Ownership status (Owned or Leased)
  • Unit number
  • License plate
  • State of registration
  • Type of vehicle (Trailer, Truck, Tractor)
  • ELD vehicle details (if applicable)

You can get most of this information from the registration/cab card. The few extra details like GVWR, tire size, and ELD info can be easily obtained from your driver.

Step 3: Maintenance Records and Logs

Here’s a quick reminder of what you need:

  • Date of service or repair
  • Details of service or repair
  • Name of the person who performed it
  • Mileage (if applicable)
  • Next service due date
  • Indicate if it’s a routine service item
  • Keep records for a minimum of 1 year
  • Recommended to keep all records for resale value

Simplify with KISS

Keep It Stupid Simple. Create a log for each truck, replacing it quarterly. Both driver and mechanic can fill it out whenever a service or repair is done. For instance, if a driver changes a light, they can easily complete the log stored in their truck’s binder along with other essential paperwork.

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