Change is in the Air for Hours of Service

Change is in the Air for Hours of Service

FMCSA Publishes a proposed rule change for HOS

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has recently unveiled a series of significant proposed changes to the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations governing the working hours of commercial truck drivers. These proposed amendments represent a concerted effort to strike a balance between ensuring road safety and addressing the practical challenges confronted by truck drivers.

One of the standout proposals is the allowance of additional driving time in adverse conditions. When faced with inclement weather such as snow, sleet, fog, or icy roads, truck drivers will be granted an extra 2 hours of driving time. This modification acknowledges the need for drivers to adapt to adverse conditions without compromising safety. It’s a move that prioritizes safety while recognizing the unpredictability of weather conditions on the road.

Another critical change revolves around Short Haul Exempt (SHE) drivers. Under the proposed rules, SHE drivers will enjoy an extended 14-hour window to return to their initial reporting locations. This extension provides them with greater flexibility in managing their schedules, potentially reducing the pressures associated with tight time constraints.

The revision of the 30-minute break rule is another noteworthy adjustment. Instead of mandating a break after 8 hours of on-duty time, the new regulation stipulates that drivers must take a break after 8 hours of driving time specifically. This shift aims to align the rest requirements more closely with the actual driving workload, recognizing that driving is often the most physically and mentally taxing part of a trucker’s day.

Arguably one of the most significant proposed changes is the introduction of a pause option in the 14-hour clock. Drivers will now have the flexibility to pause their 14-hour.

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