Back, back, back it on up

CDL backing skills test tips and techniques

Back, back, back it on up..

If you want the trailer to go right, turn the wheel toward the right hand. Your thumb should be pointing in that direction.

If you want the back of your trailer to go to the left, turn the wheel toward your left hand (your thumb should be pointed in that direction.

It seems everyone who has driven a trailer rig for a decent amount of time has their own tips and tricks.

For example, remembering the trailer will go the opposite way that you turn the wheel, only use the bottom of the steering wheel to keep from over correcting, etc.

Don’t feel obligated to follow our tips. If you have one that works well for you, knock yourself out! We all learn differently and what might help Dan perfect his backing skills might only confuse Samuel.

The final and most important technique tip we can provide on performing and practicing your backing skills test is to GO SLOW.

Let the truck do the work for you. Put it in reverse, let off the clutch slowly, and go slow. You are simply the hand that guides or steers the ship away from the rocks, so to speak.

If you want any training, especially on CDL or backing trailers our team here at Eclipse-DOT is here to help you!

Want to complete some training, but don’t have a truck of your own to practice in? Not to worry, we have a truck and trailer available to rent for training and testing purposes.

So, no matter your situation, we have the tools and resources to assist you in getting licensed!

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