Bridging The Gap Between The Crystal Palace (Cooperate Office) & The Field

Bridging The Gap Between The Crystal Palace (Cooperate Office) & The Field

One of the harder things to do as a company grows is maintain those key relationships between the corporate office and the field.

Let’s focus on communication. When the top of the business opens their doors then the field personnel, (The ones actually doing to work) know that they come to upper management with their concerns.

In the corporate setting, we don’t always realize that when we bust out a new company rule, or even a best practice how much extra work we are putting the people at the ground level. Really, they don’t have an option or say in the new guideline either.

Don’t forget the small things

As I have been working with many companies over my career there is one thing that seems to get lost or forgotten about. Remember the small things. Take time to make a note in your calendar of when their birthday is and if you have established a close enough relationship with them note their anniversary, work and marriage.

You and your teams’ actions and attitudes say everything

Think about when you were just starting out and working on the ground floor. What did you think about the upper management? Di you think that they felt they were better than everyone else was or were they friendly and open?

If you’re in a leadership position for any organization try these few key items to help bridge the gap:

1.   As a corporate employee make yourself available to field.
2.   Open lines of communication with every level of the company and make everyone feel as though they have a say in decisions that affect them directly
3.   Listen when employees talk. Take to heart what they are truly saying
4.   Don’t make company policies until you have had a communication session with the company
5.   Don’t forget the small things. Remember birthdays and special events in your employees lives.
6.   Corporates’ attitude can make or break the relationship at any time. If your team has a negative attitude then so will the other teams.

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