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Howdy, Eclipse DOT family!

As we kick off the year 2024, it’s that time again to gather ’round and delve into the world of compliance – the heartbeat of Eclipse DOT. Now, before we dive into the intricacies, let me cast a spotlight on what makes Eclipse DOT more than just a compliance company; we’re a tight-knit family, a team of fervent experts, and your steadfast companion on the road to triumph.

In this monthly newsletter, anticipate expert insights to keep you well informed and educated on the landscape of the DOT world. We truly wanted to create something that you could learn from.

This month we are focusing on Driver Qualification (DQ) Files and why they are important and critical to your success.

So, saddle up, dear readers, and prepare for a journey through the DOT compliance universe with Eclipse DOT as your reliable guide. We’re here, sleeves rolled up, ready to be the wind beneath your wings.

We’re honored to have you on board for this edition of our newsletter! Until our next rendezvous, keep on truckin’!

- Dan Greer

Expert DOT Insights – DQ Files
(Why it’s important to have DQ Files Sorted)

Today, we’re rolling up our sleeves and diving into a topic that’s fundamental to the success and safety of your operations–the Driver Qualification (DQ) Files. The following steps walk you through the essentials of creating and maintaining a rock-solid DQ File to ensure DOT compliance and driver safety.

Why DQ File Compliance Matters

DQ Files aren’t just another bureaucratic hurdle; they are your safeguard against hiring unqualified or unsafe drivers. Ensuring compliance means a safer, more efficient, and legally sound operation.

Collect Essential Documentation

The foundation of your DQ File begins with collecting and verifying crucial documentation:

Check the Basics

Review Annually

Record Retention

These DQ File tips should shed some light into why they are important and critical for your day-to-day operation. Interested in learning more? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have more on that in our latest articles, titled “Optimizing DQ Files for Seamless DOT Compliance Mastery.” We are always here to help and offer our tips for your success.

Customer Success Story: Daniel Dittfurth, DOT Manager at Arc Abatement

Howdy, folks! Today, we’ve got a story that shows that anyone who is starting out in the DOT world should not fear an audit, and how to do one properly with the right coaching. Allow me to introduce you to Daniel Dittfurth, the DOT Manager at Arc Abatement.

Daniel started with little knowledge of DOT compliance and what to do in the event of an audit. Daniel came to us and inquired about our expert DOT coaching program hosted by Eclipse DOT Founder and Leader Dan Greer.

Dan hosts multiple coaching sessions, one each week, to help those starting out in the DOT landscape and for those who are experts seeking to learn more and expand their knowledge.

Daniel wanted to prepare for his first intro audit and joined the expert coaching program. After multiple coaching sessions, Daniel felt confident and ready to go through his first intro audit.

On Daniel’s first intro audit, the auditor called and set forth specific expectations with Daniel. After going through all associated paperwork in the intro audit. Daniel passed with flying colors.

What was a surprise to him is that the auditor told him that only 1 out of 100 companies get it right the first time. Which is very rare in our industry as you all know.

“You wouldn’t believe, nobody passes the first time,” the auditor told Daniel. Much to Daniel’s surprise.

The auditor wanted each distinct file to written in a specific way and from what Daniel had learned in the DOT coaching program, applied his notes, conducted the audit and within two days, he had passed. Just like that.

Our expert DOT coaching program is designed to educate you on every aspect of DOT compliance.

Ready to take the lead and learn more about our DOT Coaching Program and how we can help you meet compliance?

Join our weekly coaching calls, led by Dan Greer, a DOT compliance expert with over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry. Dan has been in your shoes, and he’s managed over 3800 driver files, a feat that few can claim. He’s been the DOT compliance manager for the largest non-union contractor in the United States, and his journey was marked by an impressive work ethic, relying on nothing but a spreadsheet (although he wouldn’t recommend doing it that way ever again—lesson learned, right?).

Our coaching program offers:

In-Depth Knowledge

Real-World Examples

Personalized Guidance

Interactive Sessions

Click here to get started and learn more about our expert DOT coaching program.

For The Driver: On-Demand Video Resources Available

Drivers, we have some awesome video resources available for you on-demand on our YouTube channel and on our TikTok! From CDL training videos to more in-depth videos on the DOT world and compliance we have a plethora for you to view. From the world of compliance to insights, to tidbits on leadership and more. There is something for everyone.

We have selected some videos that should give you a head start into what we have to offer. Looking for more specific videos? Let us know what you would like to see! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and our TikTok for more videos posted daily.

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About the Company:

At Eclipse DOT we are committed to bringing you the most up-to-date news and insights month to month. So, we want to thank you for being valued readers. We are always encouraging our readers to reach out to us to let us know what other tips and tidbits of the DOT world you would like us to cover.

We are always available so do not hesitate to contact us and reach out with your ideas.

As always keep on truckin’! See you for next month’s edition of the Eclipse-DOT Newsletter.

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- Amanda Gorman


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