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Are you tired of the never-ending DOT confusion?

Enhance your workplace safety measures and ensure DOT compliance with the eye-catching and informative Eclipse DOT Safety Posters! Our posters are designed to engage employees, reinforce critical safety guidelines, and help prevent accidents. With Eclipse DOT Safety Posters, you’ll create a safer work environment while staying compliant with Department of Transportation regulations.

DOT Compliance, Roadside Inspections, CMV Guidelines, and CDL


Join the thousands of companies across the nation who trust Eclipse DOT Compliance and Safety Posters to reinforce safety practices and meet DOT regulations. By implementing our posters in your workplace, you’ll not only prioritize the well-being of your employees but also protect your organization from costly accidents and potential legal ramifications.


Our expert team of DOT Gurus has over 40 years of combined experience helping clients achieve optimal DOT health.

The DOT Man Dan Greer, our lead expert, has helped thousands of companies with chronic DOT pain and has developed a reputation as one of the top DOT experts in the country.

With a passion for helping others, our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and expertise to our clients.

Promote Safety Awareness

Our posters capture attention and effectively communicate essential safety information. By placing them strategically around your workplace, you’ll increase safety awareness among your employees and foster a culture of vigilance.

Reinforce DOT Regulations

Eclipse DOT Safety Posters are specifically designed to highlight important DOT regulations and guidelines. Keep your team well-informed and educated on the latest safety standards, ensuring compliance and minimizing the risk of penalties or accidents.

Comprehensive and Customizable

Our extensive collection covers a wide range of DOT safety topics, including hazardous materials handling, driver safety, vehicle inspections, and more. You also can request customized posters to include your company logo, branding, or specific safety procedures for a personalized touch.

Engage and Educate

Gone are the days of dull safety notices that go unnoticed. Eclipse DOT Compliance and Safety Posters are visually captivating, featuring striking graphics and clear messages that engage employees and make safety information easily digestible. With our posters, safety education becomes an enjoyable experience. 


Effortless Compliance

We understand that state and federal regulations can be difficult to read and even harder to understand. Plus, who has the time to read every regulation? Our transportation experts help you navigate through the gray area. We have contacts in every state and within FMCSA and CVSA.


When Dan Greer founded Eclipse DOT, he only wanted one thing–to help others. He noticed there was a major lack of DOT awareness knowledge. While many companies thought they were following state and federal regulations, they were missing vital components to their DOT program.

Dan worked for two years free of charge just to establish his great reputation. Now Eclipse works with the some of the biggest contractors in the United States as well as many smaller companies and TONS of owner-operators. Currently, our team sits on several boards, including CVSA, TXTA, National Grange, and numerous trucking associations across North America.

We have one Goal and that is not only to provide a service but to provide the best service, coaching, and advice available.


Visit EclipseDOT.com and explore our extensive DOT compliance resources. Don’t compromise when it comes to workplace safety.Eclipse DOT Inc 7633 CR 100 | Hesperus, USA 81326| (970) 749-9449