You’re only stuck when you stop moving

You’re only stuck when you stop moving

You’re only stuck when you stop moving

As a kid, my grandpa used to tell me, “you’re only stuck when you stop moving!”

He was talking about a tractor in the field going through the wet part of the field. But he was more right than I ever thought.

Life is constantly moving forward, and the only time I have ever seemed stuck was when I quit moving. 

When I worked for Crossfire it felt as though I was constantly moving forward.  promotions all the time, changing my work duties, growing a DOT program from scratch, being acquired by another large company.

I think you get the point.

5.5 years and I never felt stuck.

Whereas at the job I held before that as an equipment operator for San Juan County, I felt stuck constantly.  Even though there are multiple opportunities to move forward.

I just never took them until closer to the end of my run with them.

The key is our self-drive.

We ALWAYS have the opportunity to move.  It is our choice if we move or sit still.  I’m here to tell you that 99% of the world wants to sit still. It’s the 1% that are in constant motion.

It’s also the 1% that are the most successful in the world. And no, I’m not talking about $$$ = success.  I’m saying that they are the happiest where they are and what they are doing all the time.

We all fall into ruts throughout our life. It’s our choice whether we fight the steering wheel and get back out of those ruts or we coast and stay in the ruts.

The fight to get out can be tough especially if the ruts are deep and many others are running in them too.

Some ruts that you might be in right now could be: social media binging, watching hours upon hours of TV, listening to only one source for world information, being sucked into the “news”, being too scared to do something, never trying anything new, not taking the leap of faith to start something incredible, having too many drinks at nights, the list goes on and on.

Have you ever fallen into a rut in your car, or driving through a “swampy” area on an ATV? The key is that you never stop moving.  If you stop, you might get stuck, or at least it will be way harder to get moving again.

At least with help from someone to pull you out of your current situation.

The key is small corrective actions.

If you try to jerk the wheel sideways, change something MAJOR in your life. Then you end up tipping over, and you are really stuck then.

But if you turn the wheel just a little and stay steady on the throttle then you slowly climb out of the ruts and back on dry ground.

I know that there are a ton of analogies here, but the key you need to remember is to NEVER STOP MOVING! No matter where you are in life and what you are doing.

You only get stuck when you stop moving.



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