Why DOT Compliance is Important?

Why DOT Compliance is Important?

Hey guys, it’s me again Dan Greer from Eclipse DOT. 

Today, we will be looking a little further into DOT and why it is important that everyone should be in compliance. 

Let’s start with why it’s so important.

One of the biggest reasons why DOT compliance is so important is because it can come for you personally.

I’m telling you this from the bottom of my heart and a lot of people don’t realize this. 

Let’s say you’re the owner of a trucking company and one of your guys goes out and gets into a wreck and someone gets hurt? 

The affected person could personally add your name to the lawsuit as the owner. Even though you were not in the truck at the time. 

Even though your driver might not have been at fault, they found out you are not in compliance… 

and believe me, they will find out. That’s what happens with most accidents. 

With that discovery when they name you in that lawsuit then all your assets could be frozen.

That means your personal bank account, your business account, you name it. Anything that is tied to your name.

That is why I’m here to encourage you to make sure you’re in compliance.


Reach out and ask questions to a professional in the industry. 

Call the law enforcement officers.

call the guys at CVSA.

Heck, you can even call me! 

Call anybody who knows anything about DOT.

Because it is such a huge difference when you know what is going on. 

Think about it.  Would you go years without paying taxes and expect to get off scot-free?


You know that if you pay Uncle Sam, then they are going to come after you and get their $$.

DOT is the exact same way.  

If they come in and find that you aren’t in compliance then they are going to fine you and depending on how bad it is they could even close your gates and park law enforcement outside your yard to make sure you don’t continue to operate.

Another reason you want to make sure you’re in compliance with DOT regulations is….

It is such a huge difference that you can have that peace of mind knowing that you are in compliance. 

How much stress do you currently have just hoping that you’re doing it right?

How much is it worth for you to KNOW that it’s covered and that you have a TEAM of experts on your side?

It’s cheaper than you think.  

I encourage you guys to take advantage of our service. We offer a free consultation micro audit where we go through a few driver files, a few vehicles maintenance files, and check your DOT number to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

Then if we find any issues we don’t pressure you to buy our service.  

We simply let you know where you need improvement and where you are killing it and you get to make the decision if and how much help you really need.

Any time you get the opportunity, ask questions, DO IT!

Because it is so good to have somebody on your side who actually knows what is going on with DOT. 

Think about it, if you need to get your teeth cleaned or a cavity filled, you’re not going to an oncologist to do that. 

Heck NO!

You’re going to go to the dentist because they specialize in teeth.

So don’t just go listen to someone who knows nothing about DOT, call somebody who knows what is going on. 

When you throw your back out of place, what do you do? 

You go to the chiropractor, a person who studied it, someone who knows what is going on; someone who has proven that they can do it time and time again. 

Someone who can help you and fix the problem and knows how to get the job done.

So, I encourage you, do the same thing for your business. Go to the people who know how to fix it, go to the people who can help. 

That’s it. I hope you guys have a great day!

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