Trusting God

Trusting God isn’t always easy.

Is it?

I fail at that every day.  In fact, I fail multiple times every day if we want to be honest.  

One thing that I have learned is that no matter what God has our best interests at heart.  He truly wants to see us succeed!

Never forget that.

Luck Chapter 11 verse 11 says, “Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead?”

As a father, I know that this is true!

So why do we (I) struggle to trust that God has it all under control?  

The only answer that I have is that Satin is always at work for everyone.  He wants us to doubt that God can and will come through for us.  

That’s how Satan works.  He gets us to start doubting God’s love for us.  What happens when we doubt?  Fear creeps in and starts taking over our mind, body, and eventually soul.  

How do I get better at trusting God wholeheartedly?

The first step is to get your mind in the right place.  Mindset is the key to success.  If we don’t have a positive mindset then we need to change it.  

There are so many ways to change my mindset.  The thing that works the best for me is prayer!  I pray constantly for God to give me the mindset that I need to accomplish his tasks.  

After that, We have to have an open mind and heart to allow God to take full control.  

In a different season of life, I traveled for work, a lot.  I would fly out every other Monday and fly home that Friday.  Some months I was home on weekends only (which I was thankful for).  We persevere through this for 3.5 years.  

You should know that my wife was married for over 10 years before that and the longest we had spent away from each other was 2 consecutive nights.  This was a tough change, to say the least.  

I hated leaving the house on Monday mornings.

What kept me going was knowing that God needed me to be wherever I was going.  He used me in every situation.  It’s true.  He would introduce me to new people and start the conversation that needed to happen.

I had to change my mindset to know that God had plans for me.  He gave me a fish and I didn’t realize it until I opened my eyes to see.  

The key here is to know in your heart that God has it all under control.

When a client wants to back out of a contract, God is doing it for a reason.  He needs us to learn how to handle the situation now so we can grow.  

When we can’t land that “Giant” client, it’s because God has bigger plans for us.

When we don’t get the job we really, really, really want, it’s because God has a better one waiting for us.

Everything happens for a reason.  The sooner we realize that God is a friend, he is always looking out for us the sooner we can stop worrying about why we are where we are and trust God’s plan and timing.

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