The 7 WHYs

Have you ever heard of the 7 WHYs?

It’s a thing that I learned about just a few years ago.

What it does is gives you the real reason WHY you personally want or need something.

It is extremely simple to do.

All you do is ask the question “Why” over and over again until you get to the root answer.

Recently I helped someone on our team discover why they really wanted something personal.

Now I’m not going to share their why because it is their personal story, and I’m not that guy.

But I will share one of mine with you.

So if you’re ready this is about to get really personal and a little scary for me.

Alright, here we go……….

I was trying to figure out WHY I want to grow Eclipse DOT and WHY I want to build DOT Docs.

Let’s get into it

Question: WHY do you want to grow Eclipse DOT?

Answer: Because I want to build a company?

Q: Why do you want to build a company?

A: Because I want to help others and make some $$

Q: Why do you want to help others and make some $$?

A: because I want to be able to provide a GREAT life for my family.

Q Why do you want to provide a GREAT life for your family?

A: Because I don’t want my wife and kids to see me as a failure.

Q: Why do you THINK your wife & kids would see you as a failure?

A: Because I couldn’t provide for them and they missed out on things they were supposed to experience.

Q: Why do you think they would miss out on things?

A: Because as a kid I missed out on things because funds were tight.

Q: Why do you think funds were tight?

A: Because my parents didn’t have an abundance mindset.

Q: Why do you think having an abundance mindset is so important?

A: Because it allows you to GROW into anything you want and achieve anything we believe is possible.

Q: Why is that so important?

A: Because a life without achievement is not a life worth living.

Q: Why is an achievement so important?

A: Because achievement is how important is measured.

Q: Why is importance so vital?

A: Because how others see you change the way your kids see you.

That was more than 7 WHYs. but we finally got down to the root reason why I personally wanted to start a business.

It’s because I want my kids to see my accomplishments as remarkable. I don’t want them to think that I am normal or just like everyone else. I want them to see me as someone who looks out for others and helps them grow. Someone who is truly making a difference in the WORLD.

Personally, I use the 7 WHYs anytime I am about to make a big investment or decision.

Before I bought our plane I did the 7 WHYs several times to see what the real reason was. (to spend more time with family and give them an experience that is different than anything I ever experienced, was the real reason in case you’re wondering.)

I’m going to be 100% honest with you here!

Find someone you really trust to do this exercise with.

It has to be someone that you can be 100% open with too. Because there is a really good chance that you are going to shed a few tears. As you work down the real WHY.

You can do this for anything, from why you want to buy that Mountain bike, to why you really want to or don’t want to have kids.

This right here is something that you should put into your everyday BIG decision-making skill set and do it for every HUGE decision you are about to make.

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