Serving Your Tribe!

Today we are going to go deeper into how to serve your tribe, what a tribe is, and how to keep God in the center of all of it.

Let’s start with what a tribe is.

A long time ago, in lands across the world………

Just kidding.

When I think of tribes I think of the native Americans. 

Here in the states our schools pretty much only associate native Americans with tribes.  Or at least the schools I went to.

I want to change the way you think about it though.

Webster’s defines a tribe as a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest.

If we take that definition, we have lots of tribes in our lives.

I am a huge fan of Russell Brunson and Tony Robbins, so I am part of their tribe.

My family and church are also part of my tribe.

Not to mention everyone on our team at Eclipse DOT, DOT Docs.

What about everyone who reads our devotionals from God First Life, are they part of our tribe?


In all actuality, I am involved with multiple tribes and am actually the leader of several tribes myself.

Just like you are.  (can’t see it, try digging a little deeper)

NOW, let’s get into the real meat of this.

Are you ready??????

Ok, how do you serve your tribe?

There are tons of ways to serve people.

Jesus did it by performing miracles throughout his life. He also did this by washing the feet of his disciples.

Not to mention what he did on the cross was most definitely a service for all of us!

So how can you serve your tribe?

Let’s talk about the tribes I belong to and how I serve them.  (Maybe that will spark some ideas for you.)

My Family:  this tribe is by far one tribe that I am dedicated to and it is super easy to serve them.

A few ways that I serve are to provide the best life I can to them.  I can do this by working hard, showing up when they have something special planned, going out of my way to help them, helping them to build their core values (not mine), giving them a firm foundation for life, and letting them fail occasionally so that they can learn. (Man, I should write a whole devotional about that, maybe I will…….) 

Those are just a few ways that I can and do serve my immediate family.

But remember that my family is much larger than just my wife and kids.

It extends out to my parents and brother, my wife’s parents and brothers. Then it goes out to our parent’s parents, our parent’s siblings, and their kids. Then even further to my grandparent’s parents, my grandparent’s siblings, their kids, and their kid’s kids. It just keeps growing! 

I think you get the picture.

We could stay busy simply serving our families. Especially if you have teenagers, lol!!

Another tribe that I serve is our Eclipse DOT and DOT Docs tribe. 

These are our employees, their families, our customers & their families, potential customers and their families, vendors that we work with & their families, the groups we support and their families, and so much more!!

You might be asking why everyone’s family is included in who we serve.

Let me explain.

Let’s just say that you get that dreaded letter from the federal government stating that you are getting a DOT audit. 

It might cause a little stress, am I right?

You know I’m right.

Then what happens to that stress?

You take it home with you, right? (Again, you know I’m right)

So by removing that stress from you our team and level of service are affecting our client’s family.

Our level of service to the people in those tribes is HUGE!  That’s why we don’t take it lightly.

What about our communities? How can we serve them?

Well, there are easy ways of serving by going out and cleaning up or helping anyone in our community that is in need.

We see people all the time (especially around the holidays) go to soup kitchens to serve for a day.  Or we see them take time to do a roadside clean-up once or twice a year.

There are other ways of serving our local community too.

One is to simply see a need and fill that need.

When you walk by a piece of trash, in the ditch, in a park, or outside your house. Pause and pick it up then throw it away.

Maybe when you see that someone is hungry you can give them a little cash to go buy lunch. What I have found is that the one who needs a little help the most are too “proud” or “scared” to ask for it.  So don’t look for the beggar on the corner. Look deep into your community and see who really needs the help.

I could go on forever about serving your tribe, but I won’t.

The last thing I want to bring up about serving your tribe is……..

Think outside the box.

Most of us look for the “easy” solution. (Hey, I do EVERY day!!!)

But when it comes to service they have to be more creative. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Go the extra mile and over deliver to every tribe that you belong to.

Time to take Action

It’s that time again.  Time to take action!

So here’s what I want you to do.

First off identify the tribes that you belong to.

Go ahead I’ll wait, will you write them down, seriously I’m waiting………


Now I want you to make a quick list of ways that you are serving them already.

What are you waiting for? go ahead and write them down. (if it helps set a timer for 2 minutes and write all that you can write until it goes off)



Ok now comes the hard part.  For each tribe I want you to list one thing outside the box that you can do to serve that tribe even better.

Here is mine:

Tribes: Family, Eclipse DOT / DOT Docs, God First Life, Community

Family: Set a quitting time each day and NEVER work past that time. Set a time where I no longer answer work calls on my phone. Take them with me more on work trips. Do something special for each kid and Jenna.

Eclipse DOT / DOT Docs: Do everything I can to make each team member feel like they are family. (not the bad family, but the ones you truly want to spend around). Lead by example for our clients and team. Think of ways to serve our tribe. Ask them how we can serve them better.

God First Life: continue to bring devotionals to them weekly. Daily post scriptures on social media. NEVER stop talking about God First. Show my love for God in everything that I do. Bring more events to our area.

Local Community: Give back more!  Continue to be a leader in 4-H. When I see someone in need don’t hesitate to help them.


Outside the box:

Family: Teach Nathen to drive a standard transmission. Support Billy with his falconry dreams. Be there for Brianna in her crafts and encourage her to continue to start TONS of projects. Guide Jacob to learn his true potential (that kid has got some MAJOR charisma). Take more walks with Jenna, slow down, and be PRESENT when I am with her.

Eclipse DOT / DOT Docs: Go the extra mile, even if it costs more. 

God First Life: Write a book about keeping God First in every aspect of your life

Local Community: Be looking for the opportunity to serve, I know that God has HUGE plans for us. So I need to be ready to take ACTION when he calls.

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