Nothing Is Impossible

Nothing is Impossible

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn

Have you ever felt like something is impossible?

I can promise you that I have before. when I get that feeling I pause and ask myself, “is this going to benefit just me or is this something that will benefit others? Is this something that I WANT to do, or is it something that God has CALLED me to do?”

If it is something that I have been called to do, then I have trained myself not to doubt it.  I KNOW in my heart that God is behind this.


If God is for us, who can be against us?????

For a while, I have had the feeling for quite some time that I needed to start a podcast. As if I didn’t have enough going on. I mean growing a successful business, building a software platform, writing blogs, creating courses, writing devotionals, getting my pilot’s license, helping Jenna run our house and raise our kids, and the list goes on and on.

But I felt called to start recording a podcast.

Actually, to be 100% honest with you have had this feeling for about 1.5 years. But I have allowed fear to paralyze me. 

Over the past 2 years, I have recorded about 15 episodes. Then I would come back later to listen to them. After I finished listening to them I would delete them because I didn’t feel they were good enough to publish.  

Finally, I did what any good Christian does. I prayed for help and guidance.

My prayer was super simple. It literally was, “God if you want me to do this, I need some help. It would be great if you could give me the courage to record and publish, thanks!”

Do you know what happened next?

While we were on our way home from a trip I busted out my phone and started making a document for the podcast.

The first thing I did was write a list of potential names for it.

Then I wrote the purpose of the podcast.

After that, I wrote the intro for the podcast.

Next came a bunch of topics that I could talk about.

I had a plan! And it all came in less than one flight from Florida to Dallas!

Looking back, what I realize is that, in the past, I had been trying to make a podcast because I was called to do it.


Before that prayer, it was me trying to accomplish it.  when I allowed God to help with the project it took off like a rocket!

When we get the calling to do something, god is always behind us. The problem that I personally have sometimes is that I try to do it without his help. Ts not that I don’t want him to be a part of it. It’s just that I don’t think about inviting him to help.

As soon as I ask for help, he is there with all the help I could ever ask for.

Personally, I have made it a habit to invite God into every aspect of my life randomly throughout the day, week, month, and yes year.

What I do is say a little prayer, “God, how’s it going? I hope that you know how much I appreciate you and everything that you give us. I’d like to ask you for a favor if that’s all right. God id like to give you every aspect of my life. Everything from my kids, my relationship with Jenna, my finances, our business, God First, the podcast, the projects that you give me, the life that you allow us to live, the food we have stored up, and my life in general. They are all yours. Help me to live for you.”

I have learned that if you knock, the door will be opened. Mathew 7:7


Today I would like you simply pause and think about the thing in your life that you could give to God.

Is there anything that you are feeling called to do?

Like, call a person you had an argument with. Or maybe it is to start a business. Or maybe it is to write a book. Or maybe it is to ask the person you are dating to get married. Or maybe it’s raising your kids. Or maybe it is building that new quilt you are working on.

I think you get the point. We all have lots of areas of our life where we can invite God in to help us.

Now that you have identified those areas, send up a quick prayer asking for God’s help.

If you are interested the podcast that I finally published is called Leading From The Middle Of The Pack it would mean the world to me if you checked it out!

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