Making the Face of Your Business

Face of the business

Every business has a mascot or face of the business.  Think about it Chetos has Chester the Cheta, Lucky charms have Lucky the Leprechaun, Charmin as the bears, Eclipse has Dan Greer lol. 

 All the great companies have mascots or faces of their businesses.  Today we want to talk a little about how to create the face of your business and what you should look for.

One of the biggest things that you need to remember as you move forward in any business is that people don’t buy from a company, they buy from a person.  

When you buy a service from Eclipse DOT really your not buying because it is from Eclipse, you are buying because you meet me and got to know me (maybe you felt a little sorry for me, just kidding) most likely you liked some of my qualities and knew that I cared about your companies success. 

How do we create a favorable character or face of the company?  First, we need to determine our perfect customer.  After we figure that out then we can make the perfect face for our company.  

Let’s say that you are focused on serving women from the ages of 25-45.  Do you think that a 60-year-old man would be the right face?  Probably not.  Let’s say that you are focused on the IT industry, do you think that a HUGE construction worker in bluejeans, hard had, and wearing gloves is the right face? Probably not.  

Even though my examples are pretty unrealistic I’ve seen it happen before.  

What if you work with multiple demographics how do you make the face for your company then?  It’s simple you pick the best qualities from all sides and use those to create the mascot.  

What does the face of your company need to have?  

Well, there are a few things.  Let’s start with the fact that they must be likable and be able to relate to your potential clients.  Or your potential clients need to be able to relate to them.  

One way you can do this is by thinning back to where you were when you first started, many of your potential clients are there now and they really want to be able to relate to who they work with.  What struggles did you go through? What challenges did you face?  Tell stories that make the face your potential clients can relate to.  

Every story needs to have a few key parts as well.  Those parts include the beginning, the fall, and the rise.  

The beginning is where your potential clients are right now, where you started at.  The fall is what you experienced that caused you to take action. And the rise is where you found the answer. What you selling now.

If you selling a new makeup for people with extremely sensitive skin, you could tell the story about how you found that makeup or why you created it.  Also, tell the success you had once you found it.  

A good example would be my skin would break out constantly when I used to use X brand.  I was at work one day when a coworker asked me the simple question if I washed my face often?  Shortly after that, I started looking for a new coverup.  I tried so many different brands but none of them seemed to work.  So I started doing some research and found that every coverup I used had this simple ingredient and it was caused by my skin to breakout.  I started creating my own coverup after trying and failing multiple times I finally got the mixture perfect. I dint immediately start selling my new discovery though.  It took me years to finally discover that other people suffered from the same thing I did.  Skipping forward to now we have helped over x number of people feel great about their skin.

Do you see how the story gives the face of the business a personality that potential customers can fall in love with?  

The key is to figure out who your potential customers are and make the face of your business mirror that.

Hopefully, this helps.

Until next time.


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