Living in Fear is no way to live at all

The world today is CRAZY.  Why do we as people hoard material items?  I have been guilty of it, maybe on a smaller scale. Like waiting until the kids go to bed to eat ice cream so, I don’t have to share as much.  Or, hiding a special item so others don’t get to use it.  WHY do we do it?  Because we are scared that we won’t have it.  So what do we do?  We run out and buy massive amounts of items we don’t really need so that we can live in peace that we won’t run out.  For like the next 10 years.

How do we stop living in fear?  One of the ways that I do it is by giving God those fears.  When I notice that, I’m living in fear of something, like not having enough money in the account to pay bills, or running out of TP.  I take massive action and I give it to GOD.  I stop right then and there and take a few moments to thank him for what he has given me.  I ask that he help me to know that he is in control and that his plan is already in motion.  I ask him to help me learn how to, not have fear for that particular thing.  Almost immediately, either the fear leaves my mind or he gives me a solution that I haven’t thought of before.

There are definitely different ways of alleviating fear from your body, but that is the best way for me.

Let’s take a moment to discuss why living in fear is horrific for your health, both mental and physical.

You mental health starts to suffer almost immediately because your brain is overloaded with emotion.  All of your senses are heightened therefore causing more of a mental overload.  Next your mind is operating in hyper speed because you now see, hear, and feel more constantly so your heart rate picks up, causing more mental stress.  Your chest will start hurting (a physical sign, but wait) then your mind starts having more fear over what’s happening to your body.

Another condition of mental fear is what I mentioned earlier, hoarding.  As people, we tend to be extremely selfish.  We have been since the beginning of time.  That’s why the good lord sent a massive flood to cover the whole earth and wipe out mankind, because of our actions.  Hoarding is something that we all have done in the past at some point in our lives.  It’s something that we do when we are in fear of missing out or not having what we “need.”  What causes us to think, “Man I need to go buy massive amounts of TP because I might not want to go to the store again for a while?”  FEAR is the reason.

You see by living in fear of anything, your mind starts to turn your body into a mess.  It creates symptoms that would have never been there originally.  They one undeniable thing is that your immune system is weakened when you are living in fear.  Therefore, you can contract new ailments easier.

Satan wins if we live in FEAR.  That’s exactly what he wants, he wants us to be scared so that we stop leaning on God.  He wants us to depend on ourselves instead of leaning on God for everything.  When we lean on God, we have faith and loose the FEAR factor.

Take a few moments anytime that you start to feel the fear and ask God to help you better understand the situation.  Ask him to help you by taking your fear away.  Living in fear is not living it is surviving.  I don’t want to survive I want to LIVE.

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